Hit The Books They Don’t Hit Back

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Would America be a better place if it was full of scholars, educated people who are motivated to improve society? There is no question about it; of course it would. Imagine all of the advancements we would have in technology, art and medicine. Think, this could all be achieved by planting a seed of hunger for knowledge in our younger generation. They will grow into exceptional adults that will do great work in their fields and improve society along with it. Can that all be possible just by investing more money into our school systems? Like everything there are pros and cons.
First, Americas educational system the way it is now is a joke. I'm trying to say that in the least offensive way I can, but the truth hurts. In the words of a great actor “ We are 7th in literacy, 27th in math and 22nd in science” This country used to kick butt. We were the leaders. Why the slippery slope because we belittled everything like how important it is to have an education. We are all at fault for belittling education like teasing a fellow classmate for knowing the answer to a question or calling them a teacher's pet. But we can change that by giving the schools more money and having more severe punishments for avoiding an education. That money could go into paying teachers a decent salary for what they do which is molding our future leaders. Maybe throw in a bonus depending on how good their students do on country wide exams. “We have cultivated some of the worlds greatest artist and the worlds greatest economy.” That is something that we should strive for, instead of wasting money on crazy expensive airplanes that never see the light of day. Or trips to other planets we should be worried about whats going on in this little chunk of rock that we call home.
Secondly, if more money went into giving the younger generation an outlet for all the energy they have bottled up, we could...

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