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Hitler's Youth Through Swing Kids Essay

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When the Germans elected Hitler President in 1932, everyone believed that he would bring peace, prosperity, and equality to Germany. Before the start of World War I, Germany was the most economically advanced nation in Europe. It was second in the world only coming after the United States. The aftermath of the war left Germany economically broken. The movie Swing Kids, takes place seven years after the election of Hitler in Hamburg, Germany. A group of college students defy the Hitler society through their affection for American Swing music, American slang, and fashion. American and British Jazz music, along with music produced by African Americans and Jewish, were among those banned in Germany but these group of young men secretly would get together to listen and dance to it. As their antics increased, their boldness got them in trouble with the Hitler authority. The impact of their frolic is seen to have impacted their friends and family highly.
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Hitler convinced people of Germany into invading other countries through strictly controlled radio channels, television, and films. In the movie when Peter and Thomas were in the classroom, they were forced to watch many anti-Jewish films along with the lectures about how the German race is the superior race. Also taught was the Nazi message through history lessons and, as for math lessons, they were taught angles by plotting the bombs distance and how far the rocket would reach from the certain angle. There were camps for Hitler’s Youth which trained boys to become ideal Nazis. The boys took part in activities like running and solving problems strategically. This, not only trained the young men, it also made them feel part of great nation. Many anti-Nazi news channels were shut down and thus the news the German population received were the ones that the Nazi government wanted them to see. For example, when Peter was passing through the market, he watched the news channel broadcast about the German troops & tanks and most of the radio channels also would broadcast about the war and nothing else. The streets were covered in posters that screamed Nazi power and its strength.
Totalitarian government is a system of government controlled by a dictator where the people living under this government live in a strict state. There is no freedom of voice or press; there is little to no freedom. Anyone who is heard speaking against the government is immediately jailed or executed. When Thomas reported his father of speaking against the Hitler government, they very next day Hitler police came to take him away. Peter’s father was jailed for helping his Jewish colleague. In order to make the people fear the government, there were secret police officials walking around the streets watching every move of people. The young German boys were forced to become the Hitler Youth.
In a totalitarian government, there is too much power and greed which ultimately leads to something much more evil which is what exactly happened in Germany. People do not radically want to change but the totalitarian government brutally and oppressively changes human behavior, to transform normal selfish people into a voluntary servant for their rulers.

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