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Homo Floresiensis Essay

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Homo floresiensis commonly known as the hobbit, due to their height, is an extinct species of the genus homo. Fossils of this species were discovered in 2003 by a group of Australian researchers on an adventure to a cave called Liang Bua located on Indonesian island of Flores. It is said that the species lived as recently as 13,000 years ago, meaning they were around during the same time as modern humans. Knowing that Homo floresiensis had been living during that period of time made a controversial issue regarding their position in the human evolutionary tree.
Some scientists say the species could have either been a late surviving early homo species or modern individuals with disorder growth. From what scientists have obtained such as skulls and bones of both hands and feet, homo floresiensis are known to be small with only about 3 feet in height, small size brain, large and flat feet with five toes which are commonly in primates and walked upright. With this said you can see they had similar characteristics of primates, but can they really be classified as human ancestors? Humans can have a growth disorder which prevents the development of normal height and weight, but does not affect the brain. Hence, with this revealed can we say the belief of homo floresiensis being our early ancestors vanish and instead see them closer to a different species of primate? I personally believe that this changes nothing and that homo floresiensis are closer to early humans than any other primate.
In addition to illnesses, the article “Homo floresiensis- Australian Museums” mentions that there are syndromes that prevent the brain from growing to normal size. However, I would discard this probability because the chance of this disease affecting a whole group of species is insane. In the other hand, we humans are known to be very intelligent, therefore it is reasonable to believe that we have been evolving for millions of years and this has been proven by many researchers. Some scientists believe that as environment on earth evolved, so did humans. A significant human body part that has evolved has been the brain. The brain has evolved simultaneously with the environment; the size of the brain corresponds with the environment, growing just enough to survive. Our brain has approximately tripled the size in the past seven million years which explains why the homo floresiensis did not have the same size brain as...

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