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Imagine if one day someone woke up and was forced by their own government to do something that contradicted everything they believed in, and if they did not do it, there would be heavy consequences to pay. This is not as far off in today’s world as one might believe. On August 1, 2011, the Obama administration put a mandate into effect that requires all employers to provide insurance coverage that covers abortion-inducing drugs, sterilization, and contraception to their employees. This mandate also states that employers will face heavy fines and taxes if they do not comply (Dyke). While it is true that the mandate offers an exemption for “religious organizations that primarily employ people ...view middle of the document...

The Green family is now facing the decision to choose between acting against their faith by following this law or maintaining their family’s religious beliefs. The Green family argues that they should not have to give up their rights just to own a business, and their rights as individuals cannot be exercised if they are forced to go against their own beliefs. Therefore, in an interview with Kyle Duncan who is representing Hobby Lobby in court, he states “the government can’t put a company in a position of choosing between its faith and following the law”("Kyle Duncan on KFOR-TV: Hobby Lobby Battles Federal Government Over HHS Mandate"). However, Duncan also said “the government has taken the extreme position that Americans forfeit their constitutional rights when they open a family business.” All of the businesses, including Hobby Lobby, that are objecting this Mandate “are basing their arguments on the First Amendment guarantee of free exercise of religion and on the Religious Freedom Restoration Act of 1993” according to Robert Barnes, a political Supreme Court journalist. The Religious Freedom Restoration Act, or RFRA, stops the government from “substantially burden[ing] religious exercise without compelling justification.” The “substantial burden” in this case is that the law puts pressure on business owners to follow an act that is against their faith, and their faith not only prohibits them from using contraceptives, but also paying for others to use them as well. Although their “compelling justification” is that all women deserve access to preventative services, it conflicts with the religious liberty that all individuals are granted by the First Amendment, and if the Obama Administration continues to force businesses to comply with the Mandate, it will be forfeiting everything this Nation is founded upon. So, is America ready to give up the freedom that has been the fundamental belief of the American people and government ever since the birth of our Nation’s constitution?
Another business that is fighting for its freedom is the Conestoga Wood Specialties Corporation, which is founded by a family of devout Mennonites. The Hahns, the owners of the company, believe that life starts at conception, and they object to any forms of contraception. However, during the United States Court of Appeals for the Third Circuit of the Conestoga Wood Specialties Corporation vs. Sebelius court case, it was stated that “employers who fail to comply with the Mandate face a penalty of $100 per day per offending employee,” which means their company would quickly be run out of business. Although it is true that many individuals such as Robert Pear, a reporter for the New York Times, “describe the mandate for coverage of birth control as one of the chief benefits of the 2010 health care law” and a “boon to women and their health,”(Pear) it is not fair to ask religious employers to provide this for their employees as it prohibits their right to freedom of...

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