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I run a hand through my long, wavy black hair, enjoying the way my fingers slides smoothly through the silky strands. I shiver slightly as a particularly cool breeze blew past me, raising goosebumbs up and down my bare arms.

"C'mon Dora! Just one more hour!"

"Don't. Call. Me. Dora! You said 'just another hour' two hours ago! You drag me and Alex out here because you said you wanted to 'catch a tan'. Well, news flash, sis. We've been out here by the lake for over four hours and your skin still resembles the color of Elmers Glue!"

I bite down on my lip to keep from laughing out loud, but a snicker still escapes me, and I slap my hand over my mouth quickly. Penny turns towards me and ...view middle of the document...

"I swear she's insane. Only insane people insist on coming out to a lake during a Hurricane watch. We should have never listened to her."

"That water is freezing. I don't know how she can sit there with her legs in the water. And we're always on a hurricane watch." I get up from the ground slowly, stretching out my body as I try to soak in the last couple of rays from the sun for the day. Another breeze blows by, and I shiver again, making me realize just how cool it was getting. I straighten up and look myself over.

"Yeah, you should probably go get a sweater. Or put on some clothes," Izzy says, reading my mind. I snort at her and strike a ridiculous pose, shooting her a lopsided grin.

"What? You don't like my bikini? Gee, and here I thought I had my career as a swimsuit model cut out for me."

Izzy laughs loudly, a pleasant change, and she shakes her head, running a hand through her short, curly blond hair.

"Will you go put some clothes on before you catch a cold!"

"Alright, alright, Mom!" I smile at her and start to turn away to find a shirt and pants when a scream rings out , making my heart pound.

I whirl towards the sound in time to see Penny sink into the dark blue lake.

Izzy springs into action, and she bolts towards the dock instantly. I will myself foward, and I run after Izzy and towards my best friend, shock coursing through my veins. It isn't until we arrive at the end on the dock and see Penny break the surface of the water, screaming for help, that it finally sinks in, and my heart drops to my stomach as I try to figure out what to do.

"H-h-help m-me!" Penny manages to yell out before she sinks below the surface once more, almost as if she's yanked down, her arms flailing about.

"PENNY!" Izzy and I both yell out, and Izzy drops to her knees, calling for her sister, reaching down into the water as if she could just pull her out.

"Do something!" I yell at her, my heart hammering painfully in my chest, making it hard to breath.

Izzy turns to look at me, tears streaming down her cheeks, her eyes wide, and she yells back at me, "I can't!"

And then it hits me.

Izzy can't swim. She couldn't save Penny.

But I can.

Pulling Izzy backwards, I half drag her away from the edge of the dock, afraid of having her fall in as well. She struggles against me, but I don't have time to explain myself. Penny's about to drown. She hasn't come up for about fifteen seconds now, and time was ticking away.

I ran back to the edge of the dock, skidding to a stop before I fall in. Then, taking a deep breath and bracing myself, I bend my knees and launch myself into the icy cold waters of Crystal Lake.


I almost yell out as the water hits me, the impact making my skin burn. And then I notice the temperature of the water. Everything feels surreal as I look around in the water for a glimpse of Penny. My eyes are burning and I'm shivering uncontrolably, dazed for a couple of seconds. I swim around, my lungs...

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