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How Contrast Is Used To Develop The Complication Of Revenge

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In the play “Hamlet”, Shakespeare uses two characters, Hamlet and Laertes, to develop a recurring theme of revenge. These two characters experience similar emotional suffering, as both of their fathers were murdered. One idea that made the readers question the mentality of these two characters was their motives. Hamlet was hesitant throughout the entire interval of the play to get revenge; which created confusion because Hamlet craved nothing more than revenge, yet he continued putting it off. In contrast to Hamlet’s tentativeness, Laertes, a man who initially did not know who killed his father, was willing to take his anger out on nearly anyone. Throughout the play, Laertes is seen as one ...view middle of the document...

This implies that he only wants revenge for his father’s sake, as he worries about doing wrong, making him have high moral values. Hamlet has a different perspective of revenge in comparison to Laertes, due to his inability to take action caused by his indecisiveness.
Despite the fact that Hamlet is a character who is controlled by his conscience, Laertes poses as a stark contrast, as he allows his rash behaviour to control his actions. Although Laertes approaches revenge in a manner that is different to that of Hamlet, he too faces struggles when trying to get his revenge. Laertes has a flaw that gives his route to revenge problems; his rash manners easily take control of his thoughts and actions. In act IV, scene 5, Laertes discovers the death of his father and acts without knowing the murderer, “Let come what comes; only I’ll be revenged most thoroughly for my father.” He assumes that Claudius is responsible for his father’s death, and proceeds to approaching Claudius in a...

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