How Could You Do That? Essay

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There are many types of abuse, some physical, mental or even substance abuse. We are surrounded by this everyday even though you may not see it. You most likely have looked at a person; gone straight passed them and never once thought that they might be a victim of abuse or even the abuser! Abuse (of any kind) damages a person for life, never being able to fully trust again, never being able to be left alone, for the rest of their life they will remember what you have done or what they have done to themselves. Damaged. How does an abuser reason with what they have done?
“Psychiatrist Brandt F. Steele… established himself as a groundbreaking expert on child abuse…” (Martin Claire, 1) Steele ...view middle of the document...

Many abusers never actually admit to what they have done, they go along living (or not) in denial, in a completely other world, their world.
While in their own world abusers seem to disconnect or in lack of a better word lose touch with “the real world”, many become suicidal because they believe they are some form of an outcast or their daily life is not acceptable. Abusers usually put up a front, a bluff, so they can be seen by others as normal, acceptable people. “Everybody looked presentable before we left the house. That meant color-coordinated outfits for me, Grananimals for Danny, and clean underwear on us both…Danny’s…hair was combed… and mine was curl-ironed…we looked just like them!”(Julie Gregory 50) In Sickened Julie’s (the abused) mom made sure they look exactly like every other normal family in their town because she did not want anyone to find out her deep, dark secret she knew she had. By putting up a front an abuser can feel more easily accepted into every-day life, this just make it easier for them to go on knowing what they did or do is wrong. Deep inside an abuser knows what they did; they are not completely ignorant to their actions and the world. “Let him [Julie’s...

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