How Do Steroids Diminish The Integrity Of The Mlb And Nfl?

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Professional sports are America’s way of exhibiting true athleticism and skill, but when an athlete uses steroids, it not only diminishes the integrity of the sport, but also the integrity of America as a country. Since the beginning of sports, people have competed to be the best they could be, whether it be Romans fighting to the death, or friendly competition. Although these drugs may be the gateway, or shortcut to success, the athletes who abuse these drugs are not aware of how much they impact the sport and their self. Many fans have lost respect for some of their favorite athletes because, the people they looked up to the most in the athletic world, have been caught cheating and ...view middle of the document...

Steroids are easy to buy and simple to use. The testing in some areas is weak and some steroids might not even be picked up on some drug tests. These drugs have become a major part of professional sports and have impacted the life of many professional athletes, professional teams, and also the lives of fans.
Over the past few years, research shows that there has been many suspensions in the MLB over the abuse of anabolic steroids and Performance Enhancing Drugs. Even though there are severe punishments for using these illegal drugs, the players make the league look bad and act as if what they have done is neither immoral nor illegal. Sammy Sosa was even bold enough to come out and say that he, and a fellow steroid abuser Mark McGwire, deserve to be in the Hall of Fame, even though, technically speaking, they cheated their way to the top. Barry Bonds also took the drug, Tetrahydrogestinone, an oral anabolic steroid, which helped him increase his muscle size and possibly his swing. Many fans despise him for taking steroids while others argue that, steroids will not necessarily help you hit a ball, because hitting a ball is a skill that is acquired over time, so How do Steroids diminish the Integrity of the MLB and NFL?
Bonds might still possibly be one of the best of all times. Research also shows that not all players that did use steroids were fully aware of what exactly they were taking. Alex Rodriguez of the New York Yankee’s used steroids for three years and wasn’t aware that what he was using was illegal. This scandal was a major disappointment to many, and made the MLB look like they supported cheating your way to the top of your game without any repercussions.
Although many players used and were proud or used and were unaware, there are still those who abused these drugs, while being aware of the consequences, and were willing to accept the
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punishments and move on with their life or career. In some instances, professional athletes who use PED’s are not given very severe punishments or are not even caught for using. One of the Yankee’s previous players, Roger Clemens, was mentioned in the Mitchell Report 82 times for steroid use in baseball. When the case when to court, it was found that there were inconsistencies with his testimony and the committee of the MLB recommended that the Justice Department further their investigation on Clemens to find out if he lied under oath. He is now looked down upon by many players, fans, and his name has been removed from many of the charities he was involved in. Rafael Palmeiro was also caught using PED’s in the MLB. He was outed by Jose Canseco in his book “Juiced: Wild Times, Rampant Roids, Smash Hits, And How Baseball Got Big”. In 2005, Palmeiro appeared in front of a congressional court to defend himself against PED accusations. He was found guilty and suspended for 10 games that year. He was tested for steroid use and the test came back positive for Stanozol,...

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