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How Does The Interaction Between Strangers Change Throughout A Complete Episode Of Come Dine With Me?

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Come Dine with me is a reality TV show where four contestants compete to throw the best dinner party. They each throw a dinner party over the course of a week, and mark each other out of ten based on food, atmosphere and overall experience. The host with the most points at the end of the week wins a thousand pounds. Furthermore the show was originally aired in 2005 and since then it has only grown in popularity and has become a familiar TV show on Channel 4. Each contestant on the show wants to create a good impression of themselves to the other contestants as well as the viewers at home. Moreover, the show is heavily edited; which many viewers add unaware of nonetheless, this humour and ...view middle of the document...

He shows his nerves through the use of fillers ‘Erm...I’m a PhD student’. Moreover the fact that he hesitates when talking about himself and his occupation may suggest that he has something to hide about his academic past which is revealed to be true later on in his Dinner party. As Ben starts to reveal more about himself we learn that he “failed the same exam five times”, all the other contestants take it more as a joke, which leaves Ben more uncomfortable and nervous. Cara-Anne replies by saying “you would at least find a way to cheat for goodness sake”- she uses sarcasm which probably made Ben more ashamed and embarrassed of himself. As the dinner party goes on, Ben again hesitates and uses filers when talking about his academic past “…I failed my, er, exams when I was there, got kicked out”. In addition Ben may hesitate when talking about his past because he may feel that the other contestants may view his differently moreover, he could have thought that the other contestants may view him as having low intelligence.
During Ben’s Dinner party, we see that as Jessica and Derek are talking, Ben is somewhat seen as an outsider this is conveyed when Jessica and Derek ask if he is a socialist and he replies with “Er, I am socialist”, Ben replies with a filler which could show that either he is embarrassed of his answer or that he does not want the others to view him differently after finding out. After finding out Derek replies “That’s unusual…”This could imply that he shocked and surprised subsequently Derek may see Ben as big headed as he thinks a lot about him nonetheless Derek may have a different opinion of socialists and not Ben in general.
Jessica is the host of the second Dinner party and as it is her dinner party she is seen to be dominating the conversation. During the first dinner party Jessica refused to tell anyone about her job, this perhaps could indicate that she wants to create a mystery about herself or that she thinks quite highly of her occupation; thinking that what she does is the best and highly respected. Nonetheless, Jessica’s guests are getting quite agitated and are desperate to know what she does for a living this can be seen when Ben says “Can you finally please tell us what you do for a living” although it seems that Ben can be seen as being quite polite by saying “please” it also could display that Ben is getting quite irritated due to his desperation of finding out her occupation. Ben’s impatience is illustrated when he says “tax accountant”-he overlaps Derek who says “teacher” the fact he overlaps may show that he doesn’t want to wait any longer. To create more of a mystery about herself Jessica decides to ask the others to “guess first”. This can be seen as quite dominating and in some way in power of the situation. Cara-Anne uses a paralinguistic feature whereby she is tapping her fingers when she says “singer definitely”. She also uses an adverb “defiantly”; this could show how confidence she is. Whilst...

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