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How The Narwhal Got Its Horn

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Millions and millions of years ago, the Narwhals that we know today were once hornless. We know narwhals as creatures swimming freely throughout the ocean. But, these animals once thrived inside of huge kingdoms within the clouds. Due to all the water stored inside of the clouds, the Narwhals were given a source of water. They would call the clouds Cloud Kingdoms. The Narwhalians (Narwhal people) were allies with almost everyone in the animal kingdom, including all the gods, except for one, Poseidon. Poseidon disliked the Narwhalians because they refused to live in the ocean, where they were originally supposed to live. Instead, with the help of magical dragons, the Narwhals were given wings ...view middle of the document...

“To add to that, it has been well over three days. So now I am forced to kill off the narwhal population.” Poseidon said, like it was nothing. “Mmhmm, I see. What is my mission.” Harry questioned. “Well I’m aware that this sounds a little odd but I need you to transform me into a unicorn.” “A unicorn?!” Harry said, a bit alarmed buy the news. “But your Majesty I thought you hated unicorns.” “Indeed I do. The happy little land dwelers drive me crazy.” Poseidon answered. “I think of it this way, the only other species the narwhals let into their kingdom is unicorns and dragons.” “Why not be a dragon? After all they are thought very highly of around the world.” “Yes but the dragons don’t visit as often as unicorns. If I want to blend in and take over their kingdom, I would have to be disguised as one of them. Even if that means being something I despise.” “Oh, I see.” Mumbled Harry approvingly. “Very well then, We shall begin the transformation the day of the invasion.”

Back at the Cloud Kingdom, Norman was pasting continuously across the palace floor, wondering, just wondering, what fate awaits him. When will they come for us? Norman pondered. Will they take away our home? Will they spare any of my people? ‘’We have to tell them.’’ a voice from behind Norman suggested. “I know, I know but how will the people handle it?” Norman questioned. “You will never know until you try.” Norman’s spouse, Norma, convinced
“Then we shall have a town meeting tomorrow at dawn. Tell Nelson to post flyers up around town.”

The following day over 16,000 Narwhals attended the Town hall meeting that they thought served no purpose “Hello fellow Narwals!” King Norman the III announced into the loudspeaker. “I have gathered you all here today to inform you of a very important matter. Now please, may I ask that you do not panic once I deliver the news. We must remain orderly. Now, I’m very sure that you all know of the peace treaty Poseidon and I signed correct?” Bunches of “woo hoos” and “all rights” filled the air, as the Narwalians thought there would be no more war.

“Well,” Norman continued. ”Poseidon has yet another trick up his sleeve. He is planning to send an army of Kraken to wipe out the narwhalian population. “BOO! BOO! BOO!” The crowd exclaimed at the top of their lungs. “Tis why I need all of our Narwhals, even those who aren’t in the Narwalian army, to gather all of your weapons and armor and meet at town Square tomorrow at dusk, when Poseidon...

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