How Would You Think Of Inter Disciplines Study For Scholars In Different Areas?

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With the developments and advancements of science and technology, a brand-new wording comes into being recently-- “inter-discipline”. “Inter-discipline” indicates the associated application of two or more academic disciplines. Contemporarily, most of the distinguished scholars like the Nobel laureates are committed to interdisciplinary study. They are standing on the cutting edge of groundbreaking scientific and technological research. Accordingly, some argues that universities should require all the faculty members to spend time working outside the fields of their own to achieve the academic breakthrough. Generally, I tend to agree with this statement.

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One contemporary application is the mathematics in Economic Academia. John Nash, the Nobel Memorial Prize winner of Economics in 1994, was committed to mathematics in his lifetime. His works in the game theory are enjoying widespread use in market economics such as exposure ratings and risk investments. Likewise with the advancements of quantum theories in atomic physics, experts in such areas should also be acquainted with philosophical theories. For example, the famous thought experiment-- “Schrodinger’s Cat” unveils the doctrines in existentialism that everything occurs in accordance with certain probabilities. This theory was particularly used for interpreting the quantum mechanics. Similarly, archeologists locate the archeological sites by geological remote sensors and read human remains with anatomical knowledge from natural sciences.

However, the presented assertion leaves some potential problems of research distraction and non-necessity when applies the suggestion of outside-field study in practice. One of the most apparent concerns for faculty members is that delving into other academic areas would consume a considerable amount of time and energy...

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