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It wasn’t until I sat down to write this essay that I realized I am a direct reflection of her, my grandmother that is. She was a woman dedicated to her family, work, and community. Anyone who knew her would describe her as compassionate, hard working and goal-oriented. My most recent academic and community accomplishments serve as indicators that I, like my grandmother, possess these same qualities.
During my senior year of high school I received the Bill Gates Millennium Scholarship and was accepted into my soon to be alma mater, Howard University. In those times it was not uncommon for my grandmother to boast to the grocery store cashier, bank teller, or anyone who would listen that her ...view middle of the document...

Ultimately, law school will help facilitate my life ambition of becoming a partner at a large firm and eventually building my own. There is a needed presence of African-American females in leadership roles. In a generation of unconscious media consumers many are led to believe that entertainment is the sole avenue to financial prosperity and personal achievement. Becoming a partner would allow me to dispel these types of myths within my community.
Recently, I had the unique experience of being selected as a Sutherland Scholar. The Sutherland Scholars program is a 4-week intensive program that includes a mock contracts course, panel discussions with partners at the firm and workshops on legal research. This program helped me develop key study habits for law school, identify the types of law I’m interested in and most importantly explained how I can integrate my career with public service. I specifically want to have a focus of study in transactional and business law. With this specialization I can incorporate pro bono work into my practice that aids small businesses in my community with developing business plans and negotiating contracts. Business law calls for strong communication skills and an entrepreneurial spirit. I have honed these skills through work in my law fraternity. I am often deemed the mediator in the organization. Settling disputes amongst members and proposing innovative ideas to raise funds for chapter programs is my forte.
It became...

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