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Globalization and social dynamism supported by technological innovations affect firm's competitiveness causes a threat to sustainability. Coping with these scenarios is a challenge especially when the availability of tangible resources is limited. The optimum use of resources is an option to address these crises on which managers usually focus on. Exploring HR practices by using the inherent potential of human capital, under these circumstances, is the premise of the book.
The book comprises of twelve articles coverings various HR related challenges with an explicit intention of enhancing firm's competitiveness. Authors in most of the articles attempt to explore different HR challenges ...view middle of the document...

Authors, in most instances, urge HR professionals to refine and remodel HR roles through higher HR participation in strategic process. Strategic process, in reality, is a complex process that contains strategic thinking and strategic planning. Strategic planning requires a rational, analytical, and convergent mindset while strategic thinking engages a creative, synthetic, and divergent mindset. In addition, strategic thinking is imaginative in nature focusing on systematic and holistic perspectives on management challenges, and strategic planning is operational in nature focusing upon matrices, frameworks, graphs, numbers, and other complexity-driven devices (Heracleous, L. & Jacobs, C. D. 2011). The refined and remodeled HR roles as urged by authors for ensuring higher participation in strategic process, thus, remain vague and uncertain as none of the authors clarifies and specifies the strategic process is referred to.
The author, Sudatta Ranasinghe in chapter one, identifies various HR challenges associated with firm's competitiveness. Based on BSC (balanced scorecard) and HR scorecard, Ransinghe discusses the issues such as alignment, integration, and measurement of human capital to establish a synergistic effect in the process of value creation. Ranasinghe adapts a convergent mindset and includes other issues namely hiring and retaining of talented employees, employees’ learning for achieving required level of knowledge, skills, and values, appropriate performance appraisal, workplace environment, and employee commitment within the socioeconomic and political context of Sri Lanka. It appears that Ranasinghe focuses on strategic planning instead of strategic thinking. However, neither strategic thinking nor strategic planning can be conceptualized unless certain factors are properly identified such as: (a) size of the organization; (b) geographic scope; (c) number and diversity of business indicating single or multiple SBU; and (d) identity and role of strategists. This is an elaborate and pragmatic discourse on various HR challenges though devoid illustration of factors as mentioned above make this article focused less to strategic planning.
Authors, in chapter two, four, seven, eight, nine, ten, and twelve concentrate on individual issue-based discussions those are covered briefly in chapter one. Authors, in these articles, explore the ways and means of using best practices for HR professionals. As discussed with, perspectives of these discourses also become uncertain issues for the review. To review from strategy points of view, these articles should have specific strategy perspectives and strategy related characteristics. However, to review from HR functional points of view, it is to mention that these articles have merits. In chapter two the author, Wickramasinghe reveals different aspects of formal and informal learning, but ignores employees’ motivational aspects. The article highlights the contribution of formal learning to...

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