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Eating voraciously, more than they need to, shoving others out of the way, and rolling around dirty mud, pigs carry the aspects of greed and selfishness, like humans. What makes us different from humans? Imagine a cafeteria line where students are all lined up for lunch. Pushing others to get their lunch first, asking for more food than they will eat, and leaving trash around their table. These actions can all be connected to the actions of a pig. Through the pig’s actions, the true nature of human beings which are greed, stubbornness, and only wanting benefits for themselves are shown.
Orwell explicitly shows the overflow of greed, or the trait where one wants all the benefits for ...view middle of the document...

For instance, instead of not being able to sleep on beds, they change it to not being able to sleep on beds with sheets. Small changes like these are created for the pig’s likings. These changes give them the benefits that they desire, while the other animals are still bound to the commandments.  
The behavior changes that the pigs go through towards the end, as they slowly begin to turn into humans are also illustrated throughout the story. As they become greedy, they also begin to act like humans. For example, the pigs begin to walk on 2 legs, eat dinner with humans, and carrying whips. These are also part of the commandments, which the pigs broke. The rules clearly prohibited that walking on two legs was an illegal act because only humans did these actions. However, the pigs begin to act human, ignoring all the rules that they have made, yet they still expect the other animals to follow the law. Dressing up in clothes is also a human trait, as well as carrying whips. At the end of the book, the pigs have a scene where they are eating dinner with Mr.Jones. “The creatures outside looked from pig to man, and from man to pig, and from pig to man again; but already it was impossible to say which was which” (141). This shows that the pigs are no longer animals, but equal to the rankings of humans. The relationship between humans and pigs have become so similar, that the animals that are watching could not even tell which figure were pigs or humans. Thinking that they are powerful and much better than the other animals, the pigs become like humans and eat with them. Their behaviors relate to those of a human, and eventually, the others cannot tell the difference apart.
Stubbornness is a trait where one is determined, unwilling to give up for a goal that benefits them. After Napolean chases Snowball out, and ruins his plans of having a windmill, in order to give electricity for the animals, he begins to...

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