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Human Resource Department Creative Minds Essay

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Subject: Implementing 360-Degree Feedback for Better Employee Evaluation

Diana we spoke earlier about the possibility of implementing a 360-Degree Feedback evaluation at Creative Minds Inc., I would like to go over some points that I found from various journals about the subject. I feel it would be to our advantage to start implementing 360-Feedback to help evaluate our current employees and management to make them better employees for the future. Through researching the subject I have found that 360-Feedback is a more effective tool than our current appraisal system. In the current system our employees are only evaluated bi-annually by their supervisor. As a company that promotion is ...view middle of the document...

Reliance on a single source for retrospective evaluations, which often cover a year of performance information, may not provide fair and valid feedback (p.52).” This statement shows that our current system we are not utilizing enough of our resources to evaluate employees. Under 360-Feedback we will use all employees in the process to receive better data in the evaluations of our team.

Better for Management

When the organization starts to implement the 360-Feedback it will have a trickle down effect within management. This will benefit everyone below management by receiving better communication. In their book, Walter W. Tornow and Manuel London (1998) state, “When the performance of individual managers is improved, it is generally assumed that the organization will be better off (p. 59).” By using the 360-Feedback it will not only make our management more successful but it will improve our employees as well, “Proponents for using 360-Degree Feedback for appraisal believe that the data are only useful it they are shared with the supervisor and it they end in a development plan that is tied to results, as will as to subsequent organizational rewards and punishments (Tornow & London, 1998, p. 69).” By bringing everyone up to a certain standard we will ensure that our team will be successful in the future. Management will have an easier time seeing who is performing and will be able to base rewards on said performance.

Success Stories

The 360-Feedback system has shown that it has paid off for many different people. Mr. Nikore is a senior corporate vice president that shares some of his results on 360-Feddback. In Joann S. Lublin’s article (2011), she quotes Mr. Nikore, “I wasn’t too good delegating because I thought I knew the answers. But the reviews opened my eyes and helped change his career trajectory.” With Mr. Nikore his career was soon on the right path and received a promotion to “consumer services worldwide.” With 360-Feedback it helps to recognize a lot of...

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