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What is it we want in a career? For some, the answer is money. For others, it is happiness. What about me? Of course, I want those things but there is something more important. I want to make a difference. Each day, I hope to leave the world a little better than it was when I woke up. One of my biggest fears is that I will go through life getting caught up in the materialism and lose sight of what is important. When we die, these things die with us, they lose all value. Your contribution to the world lives on, whether you are there to witness it or not. That’s why I want to feed the world. I want to become a Food Scientist, make food more nutritious, discover better ways to distribute it, ...view middle of the document...

..You are also a realistic and down to earth person. Your many friends admire your strong work ethic and know you to be a person of your word. You like to know what others expect of you, and you strive to fulfill all of your commitments precisely and completely.
Although I am orange, the characteristics described by the Naviance test can be converted and extended to many fields of interest. Having leadership abilities, social skills, and a strong work ethic will allow me to turn a typically green career into something much greater than that. Because of that extra edge, I will be able to reach beyond the lab and into the world.
These days, it seems like everyone goes to graduate school after getting their college degree. When does it end? I would love to be working some of the jobs that require such education but I do not think I can or should put myself through that. We are approaching what is said to be the best years of our lives but at the same time, they very well could be the worst. At some point, I want to begin taking action. I do not want to spend all my time in a classroom. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, food scientists and technologists and soil and plant scientists typically earn bachelor’s degrees ("How to Become an Agricultural or Food Scientist"). A career as a food scientist not only would help accomplish what I want in life but also it would keep me from years and years of schooling. Not only that but years and years of debt. I would be able to acquire a few years of experience as an intern and then be able to be hired hopefully out of college.
Did you know, Americans spend more than $100 billion on fast food every year (Kidd). A lot of times we value convenience more than we value quality. In a rush, we find ourselves stuck eating food that isn’t particularly enticing because of a pressing need to stifle our hunger. To me, it feels like a wasted opportunity. From my perspective, I see a finite number of meals in this world and with all the incredible food out there, it feels like a shame to consume what is mediocre at best. I guess this outlook makes me a...

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