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Hurston's 'their Eyes Were Watching God': How Is The Relationship Between Pedro Romero And Lady Brett Ashley Like/Unlike The Relationship Between Vergible "Tea Cake" And Janie Woods?

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The relationship between Brett and Pedro Romero is in many ways similar to that of Janie and Tea Cake Woods and in some ways different. In Ernest Hemingway's The Sun Also Rises and Zora Neale Hurston's Their Eyes Were Watching God these two relationships both involve similar age differences, the couple's separation, spending lots of time together, and lots passion which dissolves at the end. The most important similarity between the two relationships is that the women leave their men in the end. While Brett sends of Romero while Janie actually shoots and kills Tea Cake. Although Brett thinks she really loves Romero she realizes that if she continues her relationship with him it will only hurt him. Sending him away, Brett does the only unselfish thing in the whole novel. Janie shoots and kills Tea Cake, her most beloved husband because he suffers from rabies and is about to kill her instead. Although these two women love their men very much, Brett has to leave Romero and Janie has to kill Tea Cake for the better. Another similarity is that they both go everywhere together. While Brett and Romero are in love they go everywhere together around town and share the same hotel room. Throughout their stay in Pamplona, they go together to bars, restaurants, and everywhere else. Whenever Tea Cake goes somewhere he always takes Janie with him. When he goes to parties he thinks Janie shouldn't be at with him, Janie comes along anyway. When Tea Cake goes to Florida, again Janie comes with him. This shows that the two relationships...

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