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Identification Essay

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Photographic line-ups are one of the leading ways for law enforcement to solve cold cases when witnesses have had a full or partial observation of a possible suspect. However, these line-ups seldom will result in criminal prosecution due to the large percent of witnesses’ eyewitness accounts being wrong. Although for a common person, who has little experience in law enforcement, they come to the belief that most crimes could easily be solved if more people would in fact take it upon their constitution duty to report a crime and assist law enforcement in determining the subjects responsible for the criminal acts. However, as we have seen through various court cases, eye witness accounts hold ...view middle of the document...

The judge also noted that of the nine individuals, eight of them did not have tattoos on their face in which the defendant did. (CBS News, 2013) Officers argued that they did not have any type of database that had individuals with facial tattoos. The argument was throughout.

Even though this seems like a unlikely mistake, in fact is has become very common. As people continuously alter their faces with piercings, tattoos and other body art, law enforcement has no database currently in place to stockpile pictures to use to portray people that closely resemble suspects. A common location in which law enforcement obtains pictures is from the county jail where photos are obtained as suspects are booked into jail. This works well until the time that law enforcement has no booking photos of the suspect in which they are trying to compare. It becomes easy for anyone to picture the one picture of the photo line-up that is not wearing a jump suit as compared to the other that is wearing jump suits. It becomes even easier if the victim or witness had previous knowledge that the suspect had no previous arrest.

In order to combat some of the problems in which exist with photo line-ups each agency has incorporated a standardized photographic lineup admonition in which the witness or victim must read or have read aloud to them by the investigator. This form is commonly now used as part of the pre-lineup instructions. The standardized form in the State of Kansas commonly reads as follows:

‘In a moment you will look through a book of photographs. This book of photographs may or may not contain a picture of the person who committed the crime now being investigated. The fact that the photographs are being shown to you should not cause you to believe that the guilty person has been caught. You do not have to identify anyone. It is just as important to free innocent persons from suspicion, as it is to identify anyone. Please keep in mind that all hairstyles, beards and mustaches are easily changed. Also photographs do not always depict the true complexion of a person – it may be lighter or darker than shown in the photographs. Also, pay no attention to whether the photographs are in color of black-and-white or any other difference in the type or style pf the photographs. You should study only the person shown on each photograph. Please do not talk to anyone other than police officers while viewing the photographs. You must make up your own mind and not be influenced by other witnesses, if any. When you have completed viewing all the photographs, please tell the investigator whether or not you can make an identification. Please do not indicate in any way to other witnesses that you have or have not made an identification.’ – Lyons Police Department, Kansas

As one can see the statement offers guidance as how to actually approach a lineup. With statements like these, read aloud to the witness and victims it reduces the number of people that feel a duty to pick at...

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