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Inspirational Leader Essay

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Inspirational leaders are the best form of leaders. Nelson Mandela (1918-2013) who recently died is a great example of inspirational leader. He was the first black president in South Africa who served 27 years of imprisonment in his successful stand against apartheid. He was awarded the Nobel peace prize in 1993 for the role he played in ending apartheid in South Africa. He fought for the freedom of thousands of African slaves but he could not have wiped out racial inequality from whole South Africa by himself alone. His sacrifice and his belief inspired and motivated people to fight for the common goal and ultimately they achieved it. Hence, an inspirational leader is someone who leads in ...view middle of the document...

Then a leader should have a vision which will achieve organisation’s mission and also benefit his people. Now, the very important part is to paint a clear picture of his vision in people’s mind so people know exactly what the leader’s intention is.

ii. Passionate
‘’People with passion can change the world for the better’’ - Steve jobs. Every Inspirational leader are passionate not about their work itself, but what their work means to their people. That passion ignites their enthusiasm and it helps to encourage the people to give their best effort to achieve the common goal. An inspirational leader must have passion for his vision. If he does not have passion, he needs to recreate his vision and reshape his vision so it connects to his passion. A warrior does not forget the poor blacksmith who made his sword and armour. Similarly, an inspirational leader should always appreciate his people who worked for him. A leader should not forget that his success is the result of hard work done by his people not just himself. If a leader really wants to influence people then he needs to lead with passion which ignites his people’s passion and bring energy to their life. Leading with passion will create, develop and foster passionate team. And passionate team creates powerful results.

iii. FABS
In business world there is a term called ‘FABS’ (Features, Advantages, Benefits Selling). According to the, FABS is, ‘’ selling technique in which the seller ties every feature with an advantage or benefit that the customer wants or thinks is desirable.’’. Salesmen use this method to customers so they buy products from them. Similarly, a leader should also sell his goal, task or mission to his or her people and prove or persuade there is something for everyone in the goal or mission. This will inspire people to dedicate fully to achieve success.

iv. Optimistic
Winston Churchill once said,’’ “A pessimist sees the difficulty in every opportunity; an optimist sees the opportunity in every difficulty.” When situation gets bad people will look at their leader for guidance and direction. In such time, if leader are pessimist they won’t be able to find solution and the people will be chaos, whereas an optimistic leader focuses on positive and sees opportunity even when others are in uncertainty and despair. Such leaders are also able to paint an optimistic view of the future to their followers. This inspires people to keep working hard to achieve their goal. An inspirational leader is always aware of the shadow he is casting in the organization. People are looking upon leader all the time. Hence a leader should always be optimistic. He should spread positive vibes to inspire others to stay focused.

v. Winning trust
A leader should always remember that trust is power. In any organization, people will be more loyal and enthusiastic when they work for trusted leader. There are lots of different ways to build trust. First step for a leader to build...

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