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The Israel-Palestine conflict has been going on for many years, and there does not seem to be an end in sight. Today, there are many different issues and topics regarding the conflict and hopefully an end to it. There are countless articles on the topic written all over the world, and three I found were particularly interesting.
The first article, “Israel Releases 26 Palestinian Prisoners Despite Protest”, was published recently on December 30, 2013. The article was found in Aljazeera, a Qatari broadcaster. This article discusses the release of 26 Palestinian prisoners, convicted of murder, from an Israeli jail. This would have been the third of four groups set to be released according to a Middle East peace talks between Israel and Palestine. The last group is scheduled to be released by the end of this April. Upon the return of the Palestinian prisoners, the Palestinian president, Mahmoud Abbas, gave a speech to welcome the prisoners home, praising them as heroes. In his speech he states that no peace deal will be reached until all the prisoners in Israel are released. The article also discusses the protests that went on in Israel, led by the families of those murdered, against the release of these prisoners.
The next article, “Palestine Condemns New Israeli Settlements”, is from Arab News. It talks about Palestine’s frustration with the new settlement plans in Jerusalem. The article states that Palestine called on the UN, EU to censure Israel along with calling on the Arab world for support.
The third article is, “Israel Officials Point to ‘Incitement’ by Palestinians”, from the New York Times. This article discusses Israel’s problem of Palestinians poisoning there youth through negative statements against Israelis in textbooks and media. Though there are signs of the incitement in Israel as well, the rate is much higher in Palestinian culture. The widespread hatred in each of these countries worries officials that even if a peace deal is reached, there will still be no peace.
All three of these articles bring up major issues in the Israel-Palestine world today. The first one about releasing prisoners can be seen as an outrage to some. Why is it better to release murderers than to stop plans for new settlements in Israel? The President of Palestine treating these men as heroes is only promoting more violence when they are trying to work towards peace.
The second article also talks about the new settlements being built in Jerusalem by the Israeli’s but states how the Palestinians...

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