Jane Eyre: Beautiful And Rich Of Heart

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“The fairest one in all the land”, how many endearing characters of classical literature can this well know phrase be said about? The list is endless but surely does not include Jane Eyre. She is described as a plain poor quaker like woman; she had no prominent features, was not draped in extravagant gowns, suiters were not lined up at her door step swept away by her angelic beauty. She was a simple woman with simple possession and simple needs. Perhaps though, in a parallel plot, Jane was indeed the fairest of them all. What would the well know tale have looked like then?
Overall, the entire plot of the novel Jane Eyre would have been greatly different had Charlotte Bronte chosen to make ...view middle of the document...

She would have looked into Mr Rochester’s heart, as she did before, and love what she found.
Now, let’s say Charlotte Bronte created with the same appearance, plain and quakerish, but instead she made her rich. I imagine Jane’s world would have been completely different. First of all, he aunt would have probably shown more acceptance toward young Jane. Maybe she still would have seen her as a burden and hated her, but at least she wasn’t a finical burden. Secondly, Lowood would have most definitely treated her better, if she had still attend Lowood. A little girl with a lofty inheritance is a wonderful asset to a school, the staff would have all shown more favor towards her and she wouldn’t have experienced the harshness and ridicule poor Jane had. Rick Jane would not have needed to find work and would have not become a governess, therefor never meeting Mr Rochester and ending up at St John River’s home. She would have probably lived a comfortable independent life; perhaps she would marry an adequate man, although she did not need him to support her, and have a few children. All together, Jane’s life would have been a complete different life had she not been poor.
This is all rather funny, how different Jane’s life would have been if only she had been pretty or rich. It’s funny how...

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