January 7 2014 Dedication: A Driven Force

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Jesse Owens, a four time Olympic gold medal winning athlete said " We all have dreams. But in order to make dreams come into reality, it takes an awful lot of determination, dedication, self-discipline, and effort." Dedication is the key word that stands out, for it is dedication that drives each of us to do something with our lives. When we are dedicated; we are committed, we are devoted to our own thoughts and our actions and our decisions. If it wasn’t for dedication, we wouldn’t have the courage to achieve our goals, we wouldn’t have the bravery to stand up to a bully, or the nerve to do what is right. Dedication can be seen in many, including Frank McCourt, a character in the film Angela's Ashes, directed by Alan Parker and based on the book by Frank McCourt. Frank is a young Irish boy who goes through many hard and challenging times; his family lives in poverty, his father leaves and re-appears multiple times, and he has lost siblings. Although Frank has gone through many horrible things; his dedication to film, his need to go to America, and his family is not only very evident throughout the film, but it also shapes him as a character.
Frank is a person that has dedication in his life; he makes decisions that affect others, and he stands by those decisions. Even though my life isn't as intense and depressing as Frank's was, I can still relate to him. The one very strong aspect that connects Frank and myself is dedication. I am dedicated to film; the same amount of dedication I have for film, frank has for himself and his family. Frank and I both fell in love with film at a young age, we both put others before ourselves and try to make others happy, and we both take time out of our own lives to further our possibilities of success. ¬Throughout the course of both our lives, Frank and myself have both been dedicated to the point where we are not only affecting our own lives, but the lives of the people around us.
My memoir revolves around my love for film and how it changed my life; in Franks life however, he used film as an escape. At a young age, Frank was introduced to Shakespeare, he fell in love with all types of stories; from newspapers to books to movies. Frank even said "When I am watching a movie, I don't care about what is happening in the outside world". Movies did not only give Frank an escape from his life, it brought him into a new world. Frank's dedication to film and storytelling shaped him as a person. Like Frank, I fell in love with film at an early age as well. I have always enjoyed writing stories, creating worlds and characters, and of course, making movies. My love for film started when I watched The Lord of the Rings: The Fellowship of the Ring; the amazement and love I had for that movie is what I want others to feel when they watch my movies. My dedication to making movies and storytelling is very similar to Franks dedication; we both hold movies close to our hearts. Film has shaped Frank and myself to be who we are...

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