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Journals Are Killer Essay

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Subject: Scott Mackay's favorite band; Radiohead Audience: Any high school students somewhat interested in music and/or Scott Mackay Format: A question based feature on Scott's favorite band Purpose: To entertain /inform Title: Radiohead: An interview with Scott Mackay Radiohead: An Interview with Scott Mackay by Jordan Palmer Scott Mackay is a Radiohead fan. Actually, Scott is a Radiohead freak, Some might even call him a stalker. He knows too much about them, owns every demo tape and b-side and goes spastic at the mere mention of their name. When Scott heard that Radiohead was going to perform on Saturday Night Live he freaked out with nervous energy and he almost lost his mind. Luckily he didn't and is able to be here today to talk about his favorite band, Radiohead.Are you going to watch SNL tomorrow night? Duh Have you seen the guys from Radiohead lately? No. I think they're done with the tour. I imagine they're probably back in oxford now.What are they doing right now? I imagine Thom Yorke is probably talking on the computer. That's what he does, when it comes down to it I think they're kinda nerds.So why do you love them so much? It's all about the music man.You don't care if the guy making the music is a nerd? No. It doesn't matter to me. I mean, I love Oasis, and look at those wankers.So when did this fascination with Radiohead start? I was in 7th grade when that song "Creep" came out. It was repeat mode on much music, I remember Thom Yorke looking all weird and blonde haired and freaky and the eye problem and the whole thing. It was just different than anything else out there. I'm weird with music man, I swear. It's almost a ritual dude.What are some little known Radiohead facts? I don't know, not little known. Thom's dad was a chemical engineer, his mom was a teacher and he's had four eye surgeries and he's like, four-and-a-half feet tall. Oh yeah, he was in a movie onetime called Meeting People Is Easy, and they were talking about all the celebrities coming to their party and this guy was like "did you ever meet any of these celebrities before?" and Thom was like "Oh yeah, I had a great conversation with Calvin Klein about underwear!" and the dude was like "You did?" and Thom's like "No I didn't" Thanks for that Scott.No problem Jordan.Subject: Drinking and Driving Audience: High school students in general Format: An editorial Purpose: To persuade Title: A Deadly Combination A Deadly Combination by Jordan Palmer St. Patty's day, a popular day of celebration...


And Then There Were None by Agatha Christie

1183 words - 5 pages killed off, one by one, until there are none.  Each death is somehow related to the story line of the poem, along with the fact that a doll disappears with each of the murders. In the end, the murders are subsequently investigated by two police officers.  From all the facts, journals and a message from Wargrave that is found in a bottle, they determine that Wargrave and Armstrong carried out the murders.  Wargrave's body is never

Why The Internet Fails Essay

7320 words - 29 pages , Or Why I've Written This I began my journal in June of 1996. At that time, there were perhaps 20 journals online. I've loved journals and journaling and put up an entire essay on the topic -- there are tons and tons of ways to keep a journal. That page was then and still is now one of the most comprehensive guides to paper journaling online. (There are now others: Diarist.Net and Metajournals, to name but two.) Today there are several hundred

Columbine High school

1017 words - 5 pages parents began to question the safety of their children at school. Thousands of protestors rallied in Denver on May 1, 1999 protesting gun control. The United States Secret Service and the Department of Education concluded that each threat needs to be thoroughly studied and further stated that “all threats are not created equal.” All the projects, journals, blogs, bullying, and psychiatric care went unnoticed and after this terrible event it changed

Health and Wellness Programs in the Workplace

1014 words - 4 pages in on a few of these wellness programs.The US will soon be referred to as the land of the free and the home of pudgy, mainly due to the reason that obesity is the leading preventable killer in America. Doctor Robert E. Brolin (2002) has stated that anyone exceeding their ideal bodyweight by 20% or a body mass index of 30 or more is categorized as obese; and that 30% of Americans are considered clinically obese. Doctor Brolins' research also

Archetypal Characters Within the Slasher Film Sub-Genre

1261 words - 5 pages slasher category, but also to provide a window into the culture that they cater to. In order to present a specific example of each archetype, I have chosen four films that are exemplary of the overall sub-genre. Tobe Hooper's The Texas Chainsaw Massacre (1974) tells the story of a van full of traveling teenagers and their run-in with a family of backwoods cannibals. John Carpenter's Halloween (1978) has killer Michael Myers strangling baby

Marijuana: Friend Or Foe

1197 words - 5 pages Cannabis (marijuana) has been used for as far back as recorded history will take us. It has been used for medicinal, spiritual and social uses. Many people believe that cannabis has only negative effects, while others believe that cannabis consumption is actually beneficial. In this report I hope to separate some myths from facts and show not only how the psychological effects of cannabis use were received, but also how they are currently

The New Age of I Robot

1183 words - 5 pages (Goodrich, 2010). Molecular computing, also known as DNA computing, is using organic compounds like carbon, nitrogen, oxygen, and chlorine to build tiny processors that can work like silicon chips only better. They are different in the material but most of all in their ability to self-assemble and repair themselves. But still, we ask are they intelligent? “Modern computers are quite fast, capable of executing trillions of instructions a second

Obesity and the hearth diseses

995 words - 4 pages and televisions, journals and magazines. According to Centers for Disease Control and Prevention in Atlanta (CDC) more than thirty percent of our adult population is diagnosed as obese, and there are several hundred of thousands of deaths each year that are associated with diseases caused by obesity as a primary contributing factor. There are several well know diseases caused by obesity, such as type two diabetes, cancer, sleep apnea

Three Diseases Worsen by Global Warming

808 words - 4 pages with this disease, which is one of the greatest killer worldwide second only to HIV/AIDS (WHO Media Centre, 2013). In fact, “Africa and Southeast Asia are two regions that continue to be particularly hard hit with TB” (American Lung Association, 2013). For instance, Asia occupied 60% of the total new TB cases that occurred globally in 2012 (WHO Media Centre, 2013). Trypanosomiasis (sleeping sickness) is the last disease to be discussed. This

Undaunted Courage

711 words - 3 pages . He gives detailed descriptions of the many new species of animals and plant life that are discovered, the Indian tribes they encountered, and the awe and wonderment they experienced with each new discovery. He also discusses at great length the many hardships that they experienced along the way including dealing with unfriendly Indians, crossing portages, surviving harsh winters, and the expedition’s only casualty, the death of Sergeant Charles

The Death Penalty: A Just Method of Punishment

2100 words - 8 pages argument against capital punishment is that the penalty is dependent upon race of the offender and the victim, but statics prove otherwise. Opposers of the death penalty argue that minorities are more likely to be executed, especially if they commit a crime against Caucasians (, n.d.). Supporters of the death penalty often think that death is the only suitable punishment for murderers, no matter the race of the killer. An advocate for

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