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Jozelda Short Story Demonstrating The "Different Perspectives And Different Worlds" Theme

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JOZELDAJozelda is a short story that demonstrates how ones perspective of things can change over time. In Jozelda the author has weaved a remarkable story about how, a young girls perception towards other girls in her year change with time. Throughout the entire story the audience is only told of "Jessie's" perspective or point of view. The story begins with the audience hearing about Jessie's thoughts on Jozelda. "She was as odd as her name. Jozelda was different", this remark immediately informs the viewer that Jessie thought of Jozelda as an unusual and queer girl. The audience further learns from Jessie that Jozelda was the girl that, no one sat with at school, the girl that preferred sitting on her own, the black sheep of the class. This is emphasised further in Jessie's comparison of Jozelda with the rest of her class, "It was like she was a little drop of oil and all the rest of us were drops of water in a glass. She was ...view middle of the document...

At the beginning she seems afraid of these two girls because of their popularity, good looks and trendy fashion. These two girls are portrayed as the stereotypical popularity queens of the year in the story. As the story progresses we finally see Jessie standing up against these two girls for reticently reading Jozelda's English essay. This helps us understand the different perspectives seen by Jessie throughout the story towards these girls at different points in time.The intended audience for this narrative are children in their junior years in high school. I believe these children can relate the most to this narrative, as a year 7 girl is the voice of the story and it is also set during the first year of high school.Various techniques used in the narrative include the use of the third person; this creates the effect that we are almost hearing "Jessie's" thoughts throughout the story. Another technique the author has used is comparison; the author at various stages throughout the narrative has compared Jozelda and the class to various things.This narrative is relevant to the concept of "Different Worlds/Different Perspectives" because it shows varying perspective on one thing over a period time for eg. Jessie's perspective of people in her school turns around 360 degrees over time and it also helped Jessie understand people more after the incident. It also helps the audience understand the concept of how "things might not seem to be like what they are". Jessie's perspective is the major thing that changes because she finally realises how vile and immoral Bronwyn and Michelle are and irrespective of how close a friend Jozelda is, the two girls were in the wrong.I believe this text contributes to my understanding to the concept of "Different Worlds/Different Perspectives" because it is a typical example of perspective varying over time of one thing. It also presents Michelle and Bronwyn as a symbol of varying perspective.Jozelda is a narrative that helps the audience understand the concept of perspective while at the same time teaches us that first impressions aren't always the correct ones.

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