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Before You Dress, Inquest Essay

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Advertising plays a major role in marketing countless products and services available to consumers. Whether by commercials on television, advertisements in magazines, billboards off the interstate, or jingles on the radio, advertising knows no bounds when it comes to reaching the masses. Advertisers also use various techniques such as sex appeal and catchy clichés, depending on the product they are trying to sell and who they are selling it to. For instance, on most beer commercials one will usually find a very sexy woman throwing herself at an average looking male who is drinking the brand of beer being advertised. Therefore, this would make the intrigued male who is watching the advertisement think that if he drinks this brand of beer, he may also attract a woman of equal substance. The outcome may not be the same, but it gives males, who are the targets of the ad, a good enough reason to give the beer a try. An ad in a recent In Style magazine featuring a new line by Caress® uses these techniques to entice buyers from a specific target audience: young females.There is no question that the pink-covered ad is targeted to a female audience, as is the In Style magazine in which it is published. The advertisers knew that there ad would do well in this magazine due to the fact that young women who at least have enough money to buy the ten dollar magazine would also have enough money to buy their products. The woman featured in the ad is wearing only a towel, suggesting that she has just taken a shower with the Caress Moisturizing Body Wash and is about to use the Silkening Body Lotion before she dresses. In the background, a Stargazer Lily covers the entire page and its pink petals are blended in with the woman and the towel. This suggests that by using the Caress line of products, the consumer will become intertwined with the fragrance of the botanicals inside each bottle. But if one were to look very closely, they would see how the towel blends in with the petals more than the woman does, making an allusion that there is no towel there, and only a naked woman. The ad features a catch phrase "You've never been caressed like this before." And the new product line is displayed towards the bottom, after following down the bare, smooth legs of the female, for easy recognition in stores. Slightly above, text reads, "Now Caress® has Silkening Body Lotion. Layer it with our Body Wash, Body Spray, and Bath Foam. Also in Spring Blush and Wild Blossom." At the very bottom of the page, their main slogan, "Before You Dress, Caress" is typed with the largest font in the ad. This well-known slogan leaves the Caress product line on the minds of the young female readers for their next time to the grocery store.For this ad, the advertiser uses the unfinished claim to get the message across to the readers. The catch phrase, "You've never been caressed like this before" is quite a bold statement to make about body wash and lotion. However, it leaves...

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