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How Harder Exercise Effects The Pulse Rate

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An investigation into how harder exercise makes your pulse rate change.Aim The aim of this investigation is to see how different intensities of exercise affect the pulse rate. I will also link this to the amount of work done and energy used, and see if there is a pattern.Plan In the experiment we are first of all taking a measurement of the resting pulse rate, then taking the pulse rate after different intensities of exercise. All of these readings I will do 3 times and take an average, so it will be more valid, and I can distinguish which of the results are anomalous and which fit the trend so I can correct it. We will use skipping ropes to exercise and a stopwatch to time the exercise and to time a recovery period in between. I will skip for ½ a minute, then 1 minute then 1 ½minutes, 2 minutes, 2½minutes then 3 minutes.To make sure that this test is safe, I will make sure that the ropes are not too long, so that people do not trip. As the test is being held outside, I will make sure that people are not too close to the pond incase they trip and fall in, and there are no sharp objects, bumps or cracks in the pavements which could cause injury. I will warm up before I exercise so I do not pull any muscles or cause any injury, and warm down afterwards.To make this a fair test I will take 3 sets of results and take an average, to make the test more reliable. From this I can eliminate any anomalous results from my test. I will make sure that after each exercise my pulse rate returns to its resting rate before i continue, if I did not do this, and my pulse rate had not yet settled down it could effect my next set of results. I will also time the recovery period and see if it has any connection with the pulse rate. I will make sure that I am feeling well, and have no injuries before I start, because this can effect my results and I could end up worsening my injuries. I will make sure that the climate in which I perform my experiment is not too hot or stuffy. If it is too hot then the body will work harder to get the heat to the surface of the skin and my pulse rate results will become higher. I will try to keep to the same pace throughout my exercising and try to swing the rope at the same speed, so my body is at a constant rate of work. I will also make sure I use the same rope, because if I use a shorter rope, then I would have to jump higher, meaning more work for my muscles, increasing my pulse rate. I will take my pulse rate for 15 seconds then times that by 4, because when I have stopped excercising, my body will begin to return to its resting pulse, and by the time one minute has passed the pulse rate will be lower than when I started taking readings. I will start measuring my pulse rate immediatly after I stop exercising, so my pulse rate has not slowed down too much, and my results will still...

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