Knowledge Is Generated Through The Interaction Of Critical And Creative Thinking

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The International Baccalaureate Programme encourages its students to “become active, compassionate and lifelong learners who understand that other people, with their differences, can also be right.”# In order for this to be effective we take a variety of classes ranging from Modern World History, Math Studies, World Literature, Geography, Theory of Knowledge, and Biology; to name a few. In other regions the selection of courses is vast. However these courses compel us to use critical thinking more often than creative thinking. Seldom are we allowed to boundlessly embrace our imagination without strategic references overpowering it. It then is imperative to distinguish the types of thinking to assist in efficiently pursuing knowledge. Critical and creative thinking are key in this process for it is also evident that one thinking type is not independent of the other. Science, as we all know, is very objective. It embodies objective truth while art embodies subjective truth. Objectivity has various limitations as it may neglect to diversify their findings in hopes to fully establish their primary finding. Subjectivity, can be limited as well as it includes thoughts and emotions; that of which can lead to irrationality. Can they both be used to be equally effective when assessing knowledge? The perspective and approach of this essay will consider (natural) sciences and arts as the two areas of knowledge in evaluating the interaction of critical and creative thinking throughout our pursuit for knowledge.
Art generates knowledge through the interaction between critical and creative thinking, seen in the cultural perspective of artwork and dance. Art is subjective to each individual. This subjectivity enhances the uniqueness of each piece created because depending on how you perceive an object heightens your experience and how you will express it. Romanticism embraced the period of which creativity and intellectuality combined to create artwork that accurately expressed their interests, which included “nature, the genius, their passions, natural and ethnic origins, and inner struggles.”# Pablo Picasso created the art piece Guernica in the Romanticism period where he depicted the Spanish Civilian War when the Germans bombed Basque County in Guernica, Spain. It captures the calamity of the war and the grief it caused on the innocent citizens. He includes a woman mourning with her dead child in her arms, a dead soldier, fire, birds, bulls, and a horse, the latter three are symbolic in Spanish culture. All of this takes place in a grey, black, and white room exemplifying the gloomy and depressing time this was in the Spanish culture. Subsequent to this attack the town of Basque was left in ruins and Picasso had to find a way to inform the world of the tragedy. Creative thinking was essential when Picasso chose the colors,imagination on how to display the true feeling of the war, and the flexibility in his outlook. He generated different ideas and...

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