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The culture of an organization is embedded into the company by the example set forth by its founders and leaders. These cultures are mirrored in the strategies used by the company, and ultimately determine the overall success in its industry. These values that make up culture are buried deep into the core of a business and make up what the organization is and what it stands for which is known as the mission and core values. Leaders carry an intricate role in the control of culture and many companies depend on such leaders to take a strong approach so that the culture can be effectively managed.Great leaders create a culture in their companies that drives the results they want to achieve. To influence any kind of change of culture in an organization, it is the leader who is in the best position to do so. "Influencing culture requires obtaining the trust and enhancing the motivation and capabilities of those who follow. The leader has the potential to create the setting that becomes a powerful source of identification and commitment for employees" (Society for Industrial and Organizational Psychology Inc., 2006)"Organizational culture is the characteristics and behaviors of an organization that are rarely stated but are widely understood by everyone as accepted behavior" (McNamara, 2007). It is not just what is said, but the actions perceived as well. While leaders maintain the ability to modify their own organizational culture, an efficient manager learns to work side by side with their employees as partners in success rather than try to completely expedite the culture by themselves. Experience has shown for me that this method works much more efficiently. Four years ago as a new, inexperienced floor manager, I came to work with the thought of total employee control with little democracy in my technique. I learned very quickly that employees do not respond positively to this management style. I was so concerned of proving myself to my new employer, I did not think of the people who do the job for which I was responsible. Many good employees decided to find other lines of employment and I was forced revamp my management technique. This example shows that negative behavior in management transforms to negative behavior in work product.When creating a culture, one must realize that an organization's culture reflects its goals and objectives and it tells the customer and employees what is important, what is valued, and what matters to the organization. An organization's reputation is dependent on its culture. The culture defines how people dress, how they talk to each other, how they treat each other, and the physical space around them. If an organization is unorganized or represented by unprofessional employees, the company will be seen as unorganized and unprofessional by the public, which can be devastating to a company. Also, when creating a culture, an organization must express the values openly to customers and employees, as this is simply...

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