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Leap Or Not Essay

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If there is one thing that interests me, it¡¯s the adventure of having new experiences. This feeling drove me to try something I¡¯ll never forget. Last summer, I saw some information from the ad on a magazine. The poster read: ¡° Airshow and Skydiving Sat. and Sun. Devil Track Airport¡±. Since I rarely miss an airshow, I made plans to go.At the airport I found out that for $100.00, I could take a tandem skydive with an experienced parachutist. A tandem skydive is when two jumpers are attached by tiny clips on their uncomfortable harness, just before jumping. Only one parachute is used, and it¡¯s worn by the instructor. This jump included a 20 minute crash, (I mean instructional introduction), a ride to 10,000 ft. in a plane, and help getting out the door. After watching a couple of tandem skydivers, I decided I had to go for it. Being a pilot myself with open cockpit experience, I wondered if it could be that bad, so I thought, ¡°What the hell, where do I sign?¡± After a brief and confusing instructional session, I donned my jump suit and leather helmet, the latter resembling an ancient football helmet. I could have gotten the same protection from a worn out boot sock! So off we went, the pilot, the instructor, myself and two other idiots. The only seat to sit on was my own. Conversation was lively. (For instance, how we are to go down with the plane if anything happens before we reach 1500 ft. altitude.) Above that altitude it¡¯s okay to jump. These were hardly encouraging words at the time, since everyone was wearing a parachute but me. However, I would have gotten the blue ribbon for being the first one to hit the finish line.Showing no visual signs of fear, I was asked if I was scared. I responded, ¡°Who. Me? Nah.¡° Eventually we reached 10,000 ft. It was show time! I mean anxiety maximums!...

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