Leila The Live Bone Essay

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BONE offers its readers a chance to peer into the world of Chinatown in San Francisco. There are many gossipmongers among Chinese people. No one could stop others from observing each other's businesses. It is why gossip serves as an important information network that keeps the people connected. Everybody knows each other's stories including Leon's family. Amidst the gossipmongers' community, there lives Leila with her separated parents, Leon and Mah. Leon moves out after Ona jumped off the last of the four housing projects built in Chinatown, Nam Ping Yuen. Mah, on the other hand, does not feel that, the suicide is a thing to be gotten over. In essence, Ona's death causes the family to fall apart almost to a point of dysfunction, just as a whole body cannot function properly when one part or one bone is missing. However, besides the parting between Mah and Leon, BONE introduces a character, Leila who plays a role as a bone that links in various ways. Leila's explicit role as a bone could be extended into her family. She is the one who is attempting at keeping her family together after Ona's death. It is clear from the beginning that Leila worries about Leon and Mah, living separately. Therefore, Leila decides to tell Leon and Mah about her marriage with Mason. In the beginning, she looks for Leon in Chinatown. Nonetheless, since he is not there, Leila makes her way to the Square and then to The Universal where she eventually finds Leon. Since Leila is the bone connecting her family, she chooses to bring Leon along to meet Mah in telling her about Leila's marriage. Later, Leila finds out that Mah is upset by her late news. Despite Mah's anger, Leila's efforts on looking for her parents solely build up a conclusion about Leila. Indeed, she is playing her role as the bone that is keeping Leon's family structural together. While Leila is exhaustively trying to keep the family together, she is concomitantly searching for the cause of Ona's decision to kill...

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