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Life As A Water Molecule Essay

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my story starts on the atlantic ocean bouncing around the waves from the crest to the trough going up and down the wave height and wave length.
then all of the sudden thousands of molecules started evaporating into the air and turning into a different form of molecule we were condensating then we started transport into water droplets then we precipitated back into the water but this time closer to the shore of a .
the water was still and not moving.
moon came out brighter than ever being full the spring tide brought me on to the beach where I was attached to a crab.
from there a human came and caught the crab and took it to the kitchen
where he stuck it into a pot of boiling water.
I got off the crab and mixed into the other water molecules and
bounced around for a while then we were poured into a sink where we went down a drain and got sent into a different tube into a stream where there were ...view middle of the document...

Luckily it was karst topography so once more water percolated down to us we able to erode the limestone and break down into a cave with a stream of water flowing through it as I passed the stalactites and stalagmites we fell out of the cave into a downhill stream that was gradient down a hill and down an alluvial fan with lots of loose dirt and other materials with me that was what’s in the stream load.
as I got farther down the mountain the temperature got warmer and the salinity didn’t change much.
the stream formed a Meandor and on the side of the stream you could see the levees sitting there doing nothing..
then then the stream came into a delta and became a watershed then we followed the river down and got to a divide where it split through the river one path led one way and the other led a different way I took the right path and I passed through a wetland and ended up into a lake
then I went floated into an underground current that took me out to the estuary of an ocean where all the salt and the fresh water were mixing together.
as I got deeper into the ocean the light began to disappear the density of the water became great and the pressure was pushing against me like I was being crushed .
As I got further away from the continental margin I could see the continental shelf getting lower and lower then it stopped and I got to the continental slope where it got deeper and deeper.
as I passed through the ocean basin I got to the abyssal plains that went on for a while of just flat ocean floor.
once I passed that there were mid-ocean-ridges and this one was a guyot.
after I passed that I got to an area with sea mounts, seafloor volcanoes, and hydrothermal vents that were spewing hot water.
then I entered a gyre and it shot me north where the water was much colder than it was before and there were glaciers.
then I ended up being taken in by the neap tide up onto the the polar ice caps from there I evaporated again into the sky and became condensed and then I turned into snow and fell into a warmer area where there were human using a water mill that used hydropower to power the house the water was polluted with moss and algae.

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