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Life's Greatest Question Is Purpose Essay

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You start out as a zygote, the cell formed by the union of two gametes (sperm and egg). The sperm of your father and the egg of your mother combine to form a great entity, formally known as you. The process of fertilization is not as simple as it may appear. The millions of sperm (approximately one hundred and fifty million) that are produced set out on their journey to penetrate the egg. As the sperm makes its way through the cervix, the race begins. The sperm cells continue to travel through the uterus, and further, until they finally make their way into the Fallopian tubes. Through this intense expedition, fewer than one thousand sperm reach the Fallopian tubes, and only a few dozen actually reach the membrane of the egg. Only the lucky ones have survived, and they now begin to compete for their entrance into the egg. Once a single sperm cell has penetrated the cell membrane of the egg, the reproductive cycle begins. Through this fierce competition you were the lucky one that persevered, does this ever make you question why you were the one created? Why out of the millions of sperm cells that could have penetrated the egg, was it the one that helped create you? (Freudenrich, Edmonds)
Every person, out of the seven billion human beings on this earth, has a distinct purpose. Our purpose is the precise reason why we were created. Every human being was created for a specific reason and in life it is our job to find out and fulfill that given purpose. Whether our purpose be to devise a panacea for various diseases, to be a teacher, or to merely change the life of one person we all have a meaning in life. The purpose of life is an idea that induces much thought and struggle. It is easier for some people to interpret and satisfy their purpose in life, while others may need to think and self evaluate to find out their purpose. Everyone in life has tussled with the idea of purpose and whether or not they will ever know their purpose or fulfill it. Most have questioned “What is my purpose?” and continue to ponder on: What am I supposed to be doing in my life? Should I be an architect, doctor, engineer or a teacher? We are befuddled by the endless career choices and life decisions we are forced to make, that help us determine our purpose. (Dyer)
The main question is will each and every one of us find our purpose. One simple Google search will elicit many “solutions” to the problem of finding your life’s purpose. There you will find websites that propose five generic and quite simple steps that will in-turn “help” you find your purpose. Finding your purpose is not a algebra problem, it has no set equation; it is something that will come quite naturally, but not necessarily easily once you do much self evaluation. Finding our purpose will make it much easier to navigate through tumultuous times.
The reality of our existence indicates that we have a purpose. We were all created by a higher being who put us on this earth for a specific reason. At times...

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