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Nowadays, technology resources are meaningful tools to promote learning and social interaction. Internet has become an integrated part of people’s everyday lives. People spend time emailing, texting, chatting, looking for love, reading news, shopping, playing video games, and more. The Internet is used for all sorts of purposes: work, education, research, and recreation. This expansion of the social, personal, and professional aspects of people’s lives through use of these online media has altered the way people relate to information, and has fostered new forms of communication.

Technology and Digital Era

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“What is truly remarkable is that so many people have learned so quickly to adapt their language to meet the demands of the new situations, and to exploit the potential of the new medium so creatively to form new areas of expression” (Crystal, 2006, p. 276). According to Crystal (2006, 2008b) the Internet information is evidence of rapid language development. He considers this online language to be evidence of linguistic creativity. It is an example of how technology shapes communication and information behavior, and how individuals adapt to changes in the environment. Even though he believes that the Internet is going to ‘change the way we think’ about language in a fundamental way. Cyber Language may be a “development of millennial significance” (Crystal, 2006, p. 272). As more individuals use the Internet and become more comfortable with its affordances and limitations, more new terms may be coined, and they may be used outside of online contexts.

Language/discourse Variation (Multiple literacies)

Variation in language use among speakers is a notable criterion or change that can occur in pronunciation, word order, or even preferences for particular grammatical models. Language – discourse variation is a transcendental subject to study when it comes to analyzing different languages use phenomena. For instance, it is impossible to study language forms used in natural texts without being confronted with the issue of a possible linguistic variability (Benjamins, 2002). Variability is inherent in human language: a single speaker will use different linguistic forms on different occasions, and different speakers of a language will express the same meanings using different forms. These forms strongly depend on different social contexts, such as age, geographic location, how people want to be outwardly perceived, and so on. Hence, social factors influence the way that different people express themselves in texts and another writing genre as social media (Congxing — C., Gouws, S. Hovy, E., & Metzler — D 2005).

Most of this variation is strongly systematic speakers of a language make choices in pronunciation, morphology, word choice, and grammar depending on a number of non-linguistic factors. According to Benjamins (2002), These factors include the speaker's purpose in communication, the relationship between speaker and hearer, the production circumstances, and several demographic affiliations that a speaker can have which are also known as registers.

Besides, A number of analysts, while subscribing to the traditional approach, under which registers are defined as situationally-conditioned varieties of language, have focused on different aspects of these varieties. For example, (Gregory and Carroll 1978: 64) as cited by (Lewandowski, 2010) view register as an example of language-in-action. Assuming a textual perspective, they argue that registers should be discussed in terms of 1) text-specific phonological, lexical and grammatical markers,...

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