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I saw the play Little Shop of Horrors by Howard Ashman on Saturday the 7th of December 2013, at my school Dubai International Academy. It was about how a single but dangerous plant makes and breaks the Mushnik's Skid Row Florists business, and the romantic conflict as well as the traitorous characteristics of Seymour Krelborn. The main themes of the play are horror and comedy. I think that the production of the play was very successful as they had the audience locked into the story and overall, it was a very enjoyable and entertaining experience.
The set of the play Little Shop of Horrors was a complex type of stage. It looked as it if were turntable style, for example, after each major ...view middle of the document...

The natural light differentiates day from night in the play, whilst the dramatic light differentiates happy from sad, and good from evil. The moments when it added to the action on the play were in the introduction, when all of the actors were on the stage in standing in strange positions, without any expressions on their face, and the red light from the ground cast eerie shadows onto the characters’ faces.
There were many characters in the play, some of them less important than the other. Some of the less important characters were the people on the streets who just sat on the side and spoke to each other, the one customer that came in after seeing the Audrey 2, and the people who were wanting to advertise and promote the Audrey 2 at the end of the play. The characters which were important was Seymour Krelborn, the character who acquired the Audrey 2, Audrey, the accountant of the Mushnik's Skid Row Florists business, Mr. Mushnik, the owner of the business, and the Audrey 2 itself, the plant that makes and breaks the Mushnik's Skid Row Florists business. Almost all of the characters were very believable, I think that the most believable character was Seymour Krelborn as he had a light but believable accent, the emotions he expressed were almost 100% realistic and his body language changed according to his feelings at the different parts of the play. The weakest character, in my opinion, was one of the street people who stay around the shop. This is because he had a shaky voice, he was not open to the audience and he had a nervous body language.
The play was very interesting and had many moments of impact. For example, when Orin Scrivello, Audrey’s boyfriend, slaps Audrey, or when some of the main characters like Audrey herself gets eaten by Audrey 2. For me, I think that the most memorable moment of impact was when Orin Scrivello gets killed by Nitrous Oxide as he was trying to have a laugh just before he was going to potentially start to operate on Seymour Krelborn. It was memorable because he led himself towards his own end and it was quite a diverse way to die.
The way that the actors speak whilst staying in character are all different depending on who they are speaking to, and who they are. A naturalistic form of speech would be just...

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