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An Individual on planet Earth can live their life in any way they choose. However, no matter what, their choices will affect have a cascading affect in their own or another’s energies. As humans, we have the gift of free-will to choose where to step, walk, or run throughout our lives. Although, being born into a pre-existing society with an established monetary system can give us complexes of what is truly the right or wrong way to live it out. I personally believe it is up to each individual to discover their priorities and life goals for themselves, and that these will pave the way for their own personal style of life. I am writing this essay to discover for myself if it is possible to ...view middle of the document...

Wealth is what we are dependent upon for security. My wealth never leaves me. Do you think Bill Gates is more secure than I?” Because we live in such a populated world, I do not believe it is possible to successfully barter and trade products and services, amongst all of planet earth’s population, without an established monetary system.
There must be a system implemented to measure the goodwill that we exchange with one another, for this and/or that, which might not be available to us otherwise. Without a monetary system intact, it would be impossible to “obtain basic essentials outside corporate bondage”, as Heather Marsh explains in her article. Further describing how a money-less world would “also change the perception in society of the value of volunteer work if it were necessary and open to everyone to participate in it, and the type of work produced would be valued by society, not corporations. Financial independence is really our term for being able to survive without society; what follows is the idea that if we are independent, our contributions to society are charitable and voluntary. This ‘independence’ is part of the system of dissociation that stands in our way of creating a real society.” (Marsh)
Psychiatrist Alfred Adler believed the style of one’s life is reflected in the unity of an individual's way of thinking, feeling, and acting. The life style was increasingly seen by Adler as a product of the individual's own creative power, as well as being rooted in early childhood situations. Adler distinguished four primary types of the human lifestyle, which he referred to as the styles of life. The first three styles of life are the ruling, getting, and avoiding types, which are self-explanatory and found to be "mistaken styles". The last style, the socially useful types he believed to be “people with a great deal of social interest and activity.” (Wikipedia)
On another note, Dick Rauscher’s “Spiritual Awakening: Growing Out Of The Darkness” defines the spiritual awaking as the transformation from the primitive ego of the inner child, to the maturing ego of an awakened adult. Rauscher concludes that “the primitive ego is a non-spiritual being capable of manifesting only an imperfect pseudo-spirituality. The conditional love of the primitive ego is present only when others are in agreement with its beliefs. A sustained, authentic spirituality capable of unconditional love is possible only...

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