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Many Americans today are struggling to prolong their life expectancy. With the ever- increasing diet related diseases such as heart disease and cancer extending one’s life will be a difficult task. [As diet related diseases such as heart disease and cancer increasingly take away lives, the struggle to find ways to extend one’s life is continuously difficult.] America, [although known as] “the greatest country in the world,” currently holds the worst obesity record in the world! [. Instead of ! maybe just because I am not an ! kind of person . HAHA] Thirty three percent of the U.S. populations are considered obese; this is eleven times the amount of Japan’s [three percent] obesity rate [, ...view middle of the document...

]. [Japanese and American are already plural, so the verb after them has to be for plural.] As Americans, we are consuming three times the amount of sugar yearly, and the results are now taking its physical manifestation. [Because Americans consume three times as much sugar annually, there is no surprise that the results are taking its physical manifestation, leading to depression, schizophrenia, diabetes, cancer, and chronic inflammation.] Depression, schizophrenia, diabetes, cancer, and chronic inflammation are the distinct types illness that derives from the overconsumption of sugar. [could delete this sentence since it could be combined with the last.] Studies have shown that excess sugar in our bloodstream has a greater impact on heart diseases rather [delete rather] than fat itself. [this sentence doesn’t seem to flow.. add a transition or delete it or something ? :)] Another excessively ingested product in America is meat. Comparing the consumption of fish and meat, Americans eats forty times more meat than fish. On the other hand, Japanese consume twice the amount fish than Americans do to meat. Fish contains an abundance of unsaturated fat known as omega-3 fatty acid. This type of fat is known to lower blood pressure within our body. In red meat however, it contains an excess amount of saturated fat, which can cause a fat build up in arteries. This condition is known as atherosclerosis, which in turn elevates our blood pressure leading to heart diseases.

Another practice that Americans fails to succeed at is food choices and selections. American eats about thirty different type of food every week, while Japanese eats over one hundred and thirty five different type of food every week! With the consumption of diverse foods, the Japanese are able to meet all of their nutritional demands without the help of capsules and pills. Unlike the Japanese, Americans revolves around certain type of food, this limits them in the amount of nutrients that they can intake without the aid of man made...

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