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Lord Of The Flies Essay Part 2

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Ralph has several positive characteristics but he also has several crucial weaknesses that prevent him from being the perfect leader. In chapter one the boys decide who they want to be leader. The boys decide on Ralph, “”Vote for a chief!”…every hand outside the choir except Piggy’s was raised immediately. Then Piggy, too, raised his hand grudgingly into the air.” (Golding 18-19). From the very beginning Ralph is seen as the leader. He becomes the one the boys look up to and depend on to make decisions in their best interest. Ralph has natural leadership skills. Landing on the island with no adults to take control, the boys chose to follow the one boy who seems to be doing something ...view middle of the document...

Ralph’s naivety can be related to his maturity. In the beginning of the novel when Piggy is telling Ralph about his hardships back home Ralph seems to have none. Not having to deal with any hardship has made Ralph a bit immature. He still thinks like at some points of the novel, one being thinking his father is going to save them just because he is in the military. Ralph also lacks confidence. He thrives off the agreement of the other boys with his decisions. Ralph’s lack of confidence has caused him to have a very passive personality. He does not stand the boys, especially Jack. An example of this passive personality is when the group of boys that was once a strong, well working group starts to fall apart. When the boys start to divide and turn against each other Ralph turns from a strong leader into a scared little boy again. He avoids Jack and the hunters at all costs instead of standing up to them and trying to keep the group sane and together like a true leader should have done. Throughout the novel you see that Ralph has many strengths and weaknesses that have effects on him as a leader and as a main character.
In the novel, Lord of the Flies, is full of many diverse characters. Piggy is one of the more diverse characters in the novel. He has many useful and positive traits that other boys in the novel do not see in him. Two of Piggy’s biggest assets are his maturity and how intellectual and logical he is. Piggy had to grow up fast and wasn’t as privileged as most other kids on the island. In chapter one Ralph talks about his father and asks Piggy about his father. Piggy...

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