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Product/Services Lines:Passenger Business:As an international airline Lufthansa's core activity is passenger services. The Passenger Business segment also includes Lufthansa CityLine.Lufthansa CityLine, the second scheduled carrier in the Lufthansa Group, is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Deutsche Lufthansa AG. Employing 2,336 people (as of 31.12.2002), it operates a third of Lufthansa flights in the Group's European network. In 2002, CityLine carried more then 6.2 million passengers.20032002%Revenuein million10,20810,461-2.4Profitin million157516-69.6Capital expenditurein million6786327.3Employees(31.12.)34,55934,638-0.2Passengersin millions45.443.93.4Available seat-kilometresin billion124.0119.93.5Revenue seat-kilometresin billion90.788.62.4Passenger load factor%73.173.9-0.8PLogistics:Lufthansa Cargo is the world's Number One provider of international scheduled airfreight services. Its position is bolstered by strategic alliances.Lufthansa Cargo markets and handles the transportation of cargo and mail in the Lufthansa Group. It augments its own air services with trucking services or flights operated jointly with partner carriers. In the international scheduled airfreight business, Lufthansa Cargo is the frontrunner among the IATA carriers.Lufthansa Cargo AG 20032002%Revenuein million2,1612,350-8.0Profitin million34168-79.8Capital expenditurein million319-Employees(31.12.)5,0755,205-2.5Cargo and mail1,000 t.1,5801,625-2.7Available tonne-kilometresin millions10,81410,7480.6Revenue tonne-kilometresin millions7,0897,158-1.0Load factor %65.666.6-1.0PCatering:With a 34 per cent market share of the airline catering business, LSG Sky Chefs is the world's largest airline caterer.LSG Sky Chefs is the world's largest provider of inflight services, ranging from catering and procurement to equipment management and total inflight service management. LSG Sky Chefs supplies some 260 airlines from more than 200 catering facilities in 45 countries. In addition, LSG Lufthansa Service Holding AG is active in the airport, event, theatre and transport catering sector and is gradually expanding the convenient meal solutions segment in the United States. The structural integration of LSG and Sky Chefs was completed in 2002. The group achieved the turnaround and again posted a positive segment result.20032002%Revenuein million2,6673,076-13.3Profitin million-8268-Capital expenditurein million14810442.3Employees(31.12.)31,73433,845-6.2Leisure Travel:The Thomas Cook AG is one of the largest travel groups worldwide, with some 32 established tour operator brands, such as Neckermann Reisen.Thomas Cook AG began operations at the beginning of 1998, though still under the old name of the company, C&N Touristik AG. The international leisure group works across the travel value chain - airlines, hotels, tour operators, travel and incoming agencies - thus providing its customers with the right product in all market segments across the globe.The Group encompasses 32 tour operators...

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