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Management And Leadership Essay

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This reflective journal will aim to critically evaluate the effectiveness of establishing a planned change within the Nursery environment and show the impact this has on the staff, parent and child.
The author of this reflective log is currently working as a Senior Early Years Practitioner (S.E.Y.P) within the Maintained nursery school. Through this role the author is also a member of the senior management team, which consists of the teacher and head teacher. It is through this management role that the author finds the importance of open communication with the team and other members of staff imperative when instigating and reflecting on new governmental proposals and ...view middle of the document...

From baseline evidence and speech and language assessments made, it was found that 79.4% of children performed significantly below developmental norms, with developmental related milestones not been reached on entry to the nursery (EE,2012).


During autumn term one, the routine of the nursery day is found to be implemented alongside the introduction of independence in self care, inline with the guidelines of the revised EYFS (EE,2012, p26) 22-36mnths. One such delivery is through the use of the independent snack bar, where self pouring of milk or water is initially supervised together with the selection of fruit.
The change is in response to an observation made during the supervision of said snack time (Appendix 1). The author observed that a number of children from SED were sitting for lengths of time devouring a large quantity of both fruit and milk. After further conversations with other members of staff it was noted that a pattern was forming. In the practitioners experience and further highlighted by Gentleman (2012) the child who has not eaten since the previous school meal is on the increase.
It was felt by the author that this needed to be addressed through quality provision of a breakfast by the nursery. Cueto (2001) concurs this when discussing the benefits of breakfast not only on memory and learning, especially in the malnourished child, but also punctuality.

Date: 23rd September 2013 Time: 3.30pm Page No: 1

Location: Staff meeting within the nursery

Present: Head teacher, teacher, author, four EYP’s and the home school link worker.
As highlighted by Moyles (2006) the importance by management to keep everyone informed is imperative, as well as a mediator and negotiator. As concurred by Bell and Smith (2006) who refer to the gathering of opinions in meetings from staff as an important part of making changes. This is found in practise to be carried out through weekly staff meetings.
Item four on the agenda: Snack Bar

The situation was raised with regards to the snack bar (SB) to ascertain the frequency of child bingeing. The frequency was mentioned by all staff with particular pupils clarified. Stacey (2009) discusses how the role of every EYP is to improve the child’s wellbeing, as stated in the 2006 Childcare Act.
Initially a discussion arose referring to the various foods that could be introduced to the SB. However it was pointed out that the need for continual monitoring would be essential if this was to take place due to two children having celiac disease, one of which was also lactose intolerant. Though tolerant foods were then discussed, these were dismissed, due to what was felt by management to be poor use of staff resources. However as this was being discussed the point was made “that wasn’t this just encouraging every child to eat, even those who had already had breakfast at home”, which may then impact on dinner time.
The author then made the suggestion of using the newly...

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