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Management Theory-Classical Organizational
There are many management theories that will help shape an organization that are used by managers to make the right decisions based on different solutions provided. One management theory group that jumps out is Organization Theory. It is known as the study of how people behave in organizations, as a group and as an individual and combines certain aspects of the scientific management. As we dig a little deeper into Organizational Theory when the primary focus is the structure of the organization we are speaking in terms of Classical Organizational Theory. The choices that managers make have influence on all aspects of the job. Manager duties can be ...view middle of the document...

Daniel C. McCallum and Max Weber are two individuals who have helped define Organizational Theory. McCallum is known as the father of the American railroad system and Weber is a distinguished sociologist and scholar (Mcguigan, 2012). In the 1800’s there was a change in the way that the role of management was seen. Furthermore there was now written material related to the role of the manager, how the role should be seen, and what skills it take be a successful manager. Consequently there are still many that believe that it is illegitimate to mix social science and value judgments in the workplace to create such theories (Keeley, 1983). As the head of the New York and Erie railroads McCallum faced many problems as a superintendent and used Henry Poor’s basic principles for managing organizations. He also introduced policies to the workplace in 1856 that are in place to help govern the way the organizations works (George, 1972).
Classical Organizational Theory Scenario
Classical Organizational Theory can be used in multiple organizations to help inform practice. Within my organization, Westwood College, recently there has been some leadership roles open up and changes to the way leadership works. Also the salary increase topic was brought up during our first town hall meeting of the year to lay out the strategic plan for Westwood. In the...

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