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Mariachi Band History Essay

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In a recent visit to the local Wal-Mart store, I was surprised with the attendance of a live Mariachi band. The Fritos Lay chips company was doing a promotion on some corn chips. The six-member band preformed for a few hours and was a great delight to listen to. As I later went to research, the history of Mariachi I found some very interesting facts. The word "Mariachi" means "musician" or any person who is involved with musical activities. This group of people is easily distinguished between other bands do to the distinct instruments, attire, and music. Most mariachi groups have between seven and nine members that create a very interesting style of music. The music and style is what separates mariachi from other types of music. The mariachi band that I listened to played for a small crowd their native songs, such as Cielito Lindo, El Son de la Negra, and El Rey. The best parts of the performance are when the occasional shouts and cries are given which are called "gritos", and are essential to the nature of the music. I really enjoyed listening to the lyrics and favored the shouts that they would yell out.The members of the band all wear similar clothes that are of a very unique style that adds to the excitement the band causes. The clothes of a mariachi group are called the "traje", which included botines(or ankle boots), a sombrero(or broad-trimmed hats), a mono(or large bow tie), a chaleco(or short jacket), snug trousers without back pockets, a wide belt, and...

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