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Overview of LegendLegend Group Limited is a diversified IT company in China with brand "Lenovo" providing advanced IT products and services from computer products, mobile handsets, digital products, to corporate IT solutions.The history of Legend goes back to 1984, in which Institute of Computing Technology, Chinese Academy of Sciences, established the Group, by 20,000 RMBs and 11 scientists. By 2002, Legend Group Limited, which once existed only as a wholesale distributor for U.S. and European brands, had become the largest IT Corporation in China. Its annual turnover has exceeded 20.2 billion HK dollars and its computers have been the best selling brand for seven consecutive years in China since 1996 and the best seller in the Asia Pacific region (excluding Japan) for three consecutive years since 2000 . In 2002, the market share of Legend computers has reached 27.3% in China according to International Data Corporation and 12.4% in Asia Pacific market.The sales of Legend computers from 1990 to 2000 (unit: thousand)(Source: two main types of Legend computer are computers for consumer and business. Ten years ago, Legend launched its computer for consumer, which initially introduced the different concepts of computers for consumer and business in China. Shortly, Legend occupied the top position in both market.Last year, Legend led the notebook PC market again by selling first consumer notebook PCs, "Tianyi" series, Y300 AY800 AY510 and Y160. In November, Legend launched a new consumer notebook PC, "Tianyi S180" with innovative and fashionable appearance attracting young office ladies tightly and achieved great success in new segment. The victory of the new notebook PC displays the successful marketing strategy of Legend Group Limited.Customer behavioursConsumers in notebook PC market will examine all kinds of notebook PCs for long time before they make a decision. The factors influencing buying decision process mainly are cultural factors, social factors and psychological factors.CULTURAL FACTOR Nowadays in most Chinese cities, some subcultures are emerging, like QQ subculture, email subculture and flash subculture. Young ladies within those subcultures will think over notebook's features that would meet their needs before buying. The QQ and email subculture require that notebook PC has enough volume of HDD and large DDR connecting with high internet speed, meanwhile, the application of multimedia and high resolution of notebook PC give more splendid lives to young buyers. Moreover, the trends of tourism and modernisation make buyers pursue modern and fashionable performance and appearance.SOCIAL FACTOR Also, many social aspects, such as income situation will influence buyers, especially when considering buying a luxury like a notebook PC. For example, an office lady in middle-income class can afford a consumer notebook PC, while the one who just makes her life will think over...

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