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Martin Luther King "The Times Of A Dream"

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Martin Luther King led many civil rights movements, rivals, and peace marches. He was an inspiration to many, and a dream to all. He was a compassionate, caring, and most of all a peaceful figure in the black communities in the 1950-60's. He is a very important character in black history. Martin Luther King went through many trails and tribulations throughout his life beginning at the tender age of six, but he overcame all the downfalls of hatred with a peaceful weapon.Martin Luther King was born in 1929, although his birth name is Michael King, his father Reverend Martin Luther King, Sr. "Daddy King" had an inspiration to name himself after the Protestant reformer Martin Luther. He declared to his congregation that they were to refer to Michael as "Martin Luther King, Jr." Throughout his younger years, Martin Luther King had to live through the suffrage of segregation. At the age of six, Martin understood in his mind that segregation meant "separate, but equal," but within his heart he knew that it really meant "separate, and unequal." An event that contributed to Martin's understanding of "segregation" was during his high school years. He traveled several hundred miles by bus to the town of Valdosta where he won second prize in a statewide speech contest. On his way back home, Martin was confronted one-on-one by the hatred of others. He commanded to stand and let the white people have his seat. Martin was determined not to move, but soon realized that if he didn't move, he would endangered the life of his teacher and himself. He finally stood up for ninety miles until he was home. "That night will never leave my mind," Martin Luther King was to say many times later. "It was the angriest I have ever been in my life."1 He wanted to change the hatred within the nation. He began to think of ways of how he could contribute to changing the segregation act.At the age of 15, Martin entered Atlanta's Morehouse College. Soon after, at the age of 17, Martin delivered his first sermon at the Ebenezer Baptist Church. At the age of 19, he graduated from Morehouse College, and enrolled at Crozer Theological Seminary in 1948. At Crozer, he set out to get some ideas to help him lead a truly good life. He began reading the words of a writer and philosopher named Henry David Thoreau. He always remembered a saying of Thoreau "If a law is unjust, men should refuse to cooperate with it. They should even be willing to go to jail for not obeying such a law."1 Thoreau referred to this as civil disobedience. "Civil disobedience," Martin never forgot those words. Martin graduated from Crozer in 1951 named the "Seminary's most outstanding student." He won a prize of $1,200 for his achievement. He decided to use that money to work towards a doctorate at Boston University. There, Martin met Coretta Scott, whom he married on June 18, 1953. After earning his doctorate at Boston, he was referred to as Dr. Martin Luther King.Dr. Martin and Coretta King moved to Montgomery,...

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