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Matter Of Time Essay

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School break will be over in five days. So fast time passes, no one owns the ability to make it linger. As it is well understood that we must wait for the next break to relish the time together again, my twin and I utilized the holiday to the fullest. Even though I enjoyed the time spent with Adrian, on the other hand, I was eager returning to school. Undeniably, the bottomless pine for my science teacher rendered me the gusto. Missing her lecture, her voice, her face, her motion …entirety… I innocently miss that woman in any kind of way. If only I had her number, I wouldn’t give it a second thought to treat the teacher a dinner or even just a coffee or any occasion feasible, just to spend ...view middle of the document...

Expressing her concern about the issue between me and my daddy, she did not forget to inquire how the dinner was, in which I gladly described that the whole thing ran well and apparently, my teacher was pleased to hear my clarification. Of her own accord, she portrayed me the moments spent with her family during the break and expressing her sorry for being fairly occupied preparing tasks for the new semester as she singing about her longing for me. It was quite some time after our third of June, in one way or another, I couldn’t deny the fact that I do feel it too, despite the truth that it was just a week or so. Now that she’s done with her responsibilities, and since we still have five free days before the school starts again, therefore, I willingly seized the opportunity to invite her for lunch that day. As it goes on, I was eager to partake in my plans, ready to answer the question she asked me a week ago, regarding my future. She cheerfully accepted my invitation, as we set a date, someplace at the mall. Adrian was excited when I informed him about it, although he would be a little late since he had a date with Lisa. My brother just couldn’t wait to introduce his girl and me, and I unquestionably pleased about that.
So, I arrived at the restaurant fifteen minutes earlier and as assured, my teacher punctually entered the room. To speak the truth, I was elated to meet her again after a few days of gap. Wearing a body shape Levi’s top with blue Levi’s jeans, accompanied by Levi’s sunglasses over her head, what more can I say? I’d rather let my heart speak and for sure it’d explain about the rapture I experienced when it got struck the moment my eyes saw her entering the space. I smiled with pleasure to consider that we have same taste here. I love Levi’s too. It happened to be that I chose to wear blue 501 Levi’s jeans with navy blue Levi’s shirt. And yea, Ray-Ban Aviator is my all-time favourite. Her simplicity, simply attracts me.
“Am I late, or you were earlier?” She said delightfully with her blazing smile, extending her hand to me as she left a kiss upon my cheek.
“I missed you,” those three words were gently whispered in my ear as she hugged me before she placed herself by my side.
“I’m just arrived. Rina… it seems so long since I last saw you.”
“Just say it that you miss me too, hon.” Her replied made me smile.
“I thought I might be late since I needed to catch a cab. My car is at time at the workshop for service.” She continued.
“I see. Why didn’t you inform me so I can pick you up?”
“Don’t worry about it hon, besides, it was unplanned. I didn’t recall that it’s time for service.”
“Excuse me please. I’ll be right back.” An idea swiftly crossed my mind.
“Where to?”
“Just wait… by the way, I’d like to have a mango juice and order me something with beef, please.” Leaving her with a wink, I made my way out of the restaurant, to a motorcycle accessory shop. Aye, to buy a helmet for the teacher so that I could accomplish the wish she...

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