Medicinal Marijuana Should Be Legal Essay

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In a country where freedom is the basis of all social life one has to feel that all the laws

are made up to protect them, but that is not necessarily true. When one looks at the laws

prohibiting the use of marijuana it is hard to see why it is needed. There are a few basic reasons

why marijuana should be legal, and although there are nay sayers , no one can deny facts. People

who try to protest the use of marijuana usually have not done their research on the subject. In this

essay, I will present you the facts so you the reader can make your own decisions.

     When you watch the news there are many stories that involve marijuana use, and violence

such as the story presented in the New York times regarding a death directly related to marijuana.

The part the media conveniently leaves out is that, neither the offender or the victim were

actually on the drug. The violence occurred because of money and te illegal trade of marijuana,

something that could NOT happen if the government had control over marijuana. Trade between

person to person would not occur because, within the law, it would be assessable. Also, it has

been rumored for many years that drugs cause one to be violence, but that is not true with

marijuana. With marijuana it is a proved fact that it has a calming and mellowing effect, quite the

opposite of violence.

     Many people like to throw around special terminology to get there point across. How

many times have you heard that marijuana is a ?gateway drug?. I?ve heard it, but what exactly

does it mean? It means that people say that marijuana leads to harder drugs, but this ?fact? has

been -proved wrong over and over. Although some drug users did smoke marijuana before

harder drugs, that is just a coincidence. There is absolutely no chemical that causes further

addiction. The choice to use harsher dugs is a totally mental decision.

     People talk all the time about the cost of drugs, how expensive they are to keep illegal,

and to buy...

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