Men And Womens Talk Report

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Men’s and Women’s Talk Report
How do men and women become better at communicating with each other? The research shows that the styles of the communication between genders are very different. Women experience more personal emotional connections in their conversations than men. Men don’t show as much emotion as women. Psychologists call this “report talking." Women use language as “rapport talkers." According to the video “How to Talk to the Other Gender” by Dr. Gearing, she said, “The simple fact is that men and women use language in dramatically different ways." Dr. Gearing’s perceptions will appear more clearly after discovering the differences between topics and style in men’s and women’s ...view middle of the document...

Suddenly, she discovers that they, being segregated, men were on one side of the apartment and women on the other side of the apartment. Although she knew her husband very-well, they both didn’t know what kind of conversation they both had with their same genders. For example, when her husband Steve met with his friend Dave at the bar for a few bottles of beer, the conversation between them was very straight to the point. He summarized his night out to his wife. He said that they talked about trucks, firewood, Central America, etc. On the hand, when Joyce had a conversation at the coffee shop with her friend Ann and Ann’s friend Sally, it was very personal. They talked about happiness, love and heartbreak. Joyce Maynard believes that a woman and men discuss the same conflict, but the style is different. She gave an example of how her husband Steve is telling the story straight to the point, as a rule. How he could spend 20 minutes talking to his brother on the phone, but afterwards, he will summarize his talk in one sentence to his wife. Once again, a man doesn’t like to discuss something that has not touched them rather they would do something enjoyable then a woman.
According to Mark A. Sherman and Adelaide Haas in article “Man to Man, Woman to Woman,” the authors use statistic's data to describe the differences between genders. Married couples have the problems in communication and understanding than close friends of the same sex. The reason is that, it’s because they often misunderstand each other, they like to discuss many different topics. Furthermore, they both use a different style of language. Sherman’s and Haas research is based on the nationally distributed questionnaire, interviews and studying the behavior of the same-sex. The research was based on 166 women and 110 men. Participants were between the ages from 17 to 80. People who returned a questionnaire were asked how many times they discussed each of 22 topics with the same-sex. The answers were found usual like work, movies and television. Sixty percent of the woman reported that their conversations with their same-sex were emotional. Women report about their relationship, families, health, weight and clothing, and they enjoy talking about other women. However, only 27 % of men responded that their same-sex conversations were emotional. They enjoy talking about current events and sports. The differences in topics are not damaging male-female relationship, as style and function of the conversation do. Man enjoys his male-talk because he feels his freedom, and he doesn’t have to watch what he says. They like the humor that they have in their conversations and most of the time to give a real-life lesson. A woman like most about...

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