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Mental Processes Paper

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University of PhoenixOI/361IntroductionAccording to BusinessDictionary (2010), innovation is the process of applying ideas, imagination and initiative to create new products. Innovation is typically geared to a specific product that will fill a customer's need and provide measurable results on the business' performance. Businesses rely on innovation to stay current within their industry and to differentiate themselves from their competition. Innovative success lies within companies who rely on team efforts with creative individuals and designers. One's key to creativity depends on their mental models, also known as mindsets, which contributes to one's style of creativity. The mental models/mindsets are influenced by five forces.This paper will identify, compare, and contrast the four styles of creativity. It will discuss how the five forces of education, training, the influence of others, rewards and incentives, and personal experiences influence mindsets. Examples of mindset inhibitors that limit the decision- making process will be included; then I will analyze my most commonly used mindsets that guide my decision making within my work-place and how they influence my decisions.Creative Intelligence"Creative Intelligence describes how we see and understand the world, our basic beliefs, and our personality…creativity focuses on how we think and our strong desire to achieve something new or different" (Rowe, 2004). Creative intelligence is a combined skill that uses two outlets. People are challenged daily by mundane tasks that can be solved with mundane actions, whereas creative intelligence is implemented when the task requires more than the usual thought processes. There are four different styles of creativity and although each person has a dominant creative style, each person may be peppered with a bit of the others.IntuitiveThe intuitive style "focuses on results and relies on past experience to guide decisions" (Rowe, 2004). Another way to think of this style is listening to your gut, what does your gut tell you? If you were to walk into a robbery in action, would your gut tell you to be a hero, or leave the premises immediately? Those who manage with intuition tend to stick with a role that has brought them success in the past. If a manager used fear and intimidation as a motivator for his employees and it brought him success in the past, then he may use it in future transactions.InnovativeThe innovative style "concentrates on problems and data and is very systematic" (Rowe, 2004). People who operative innovatively are researchers, inventors, statisticians. These people work with a goal in mind and use information and data to get there whether it be inventing the next best gadget or discovering the cure for cancer.Imaginative"This style describes people who are artistic, enjoy writing, are good leaders, and can readily visualize opportunities" (Rowe, 2004). This includes artists, singers, performers, authors, and teachers. These...

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