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Mercury/Hermes Jeremy Hamilton Period 5-10 3/23/01 Mr.Hix Mercury and Hermes the same mythological gods.Mercury was a Roman god and Heremes was a Greek god. In the next couple of pages, I will explain some of the likenesses and Differences of these two gods. Mercury was a Roman god. He is the son of Jupiter and Maia and was born in a cave on Mountain in Aradia.He is the god of many things, such as commerce, wrestling, gymnastics, thievery, and many other things that require cleverness. He is the guardian of border lines and roads . He lead souls to the Underworld. He was also the messenger of the gods.He wore a winged cap and a Winged pair of shoes. His shoes were called a the "talaria" and his cap was called the "petasos".He also carries a staff called the Caduceus that possessed magical powers. It also had wings that were at its tip and is said to have two snakes warped around it. This staff is used today as many symbols. An example is in medicine as the symbol for the Blue Cross.He is also said to have invented the lyre. He did this by killing a turtle and taking its shell.Next, he attached two horns, one to each side. Then, he placed a piece of wood between the two horns and drew nine strings between the piece of wood and the bottom of the tortoise shell.Each of the nine strings was for each of the Nine Muses who presided over feast, literature, and song. He got the Caduceus by giving the lyre to Apollo.Hermes was a Roman god. He was The son of Zeus and Maia. Like Mercury, He was born in a cave on a Mountain in Aradia. He had the same winged cap and sandals as Mercury. In early...

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1319 words - 6 pages Greek mythology and Mercury from the Roman mythology. They are both depicted as wearing winged sandals and a winged hat. They are both gods of the trade but Hermes was a little slyer. Hermes was also the god of thieves. He was a very free spirit because he would always need to do the more powerful gods dirty work. Hermes was not afraid to speak his mind. But since Mercury was from Roman mythology he was more disciplined to reflect the culture of Rome

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1475 words - 6 pages well, which helped him fly around the heavens. Mercury, his Roman counterpart, was the son of Jupiter and Maia. He was the messenger of Jupiter and the god of merchants and trading. Much like Hermes, he was often seen with the caduceus, winged hat, winged sandals and a purse. Like Hermes, he protected the merchants. The root word of his name “merx” means merchandise. Not too many differences between these two characters. This could possibly mean

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798 words - 3 pages is the element of air he produced sound. (34) As stated from the novel, Nicholas enjoys chores, this is a characteristic of human survival. He describes himself for being like mercury "35". Mercury is a God that is associated with the element of air. This God is also known as Hermes who is known to be knowledgable and quick. He is a messenger.

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895 words - 4 pages , such as to “encourage the Roman sense of duty” (Fiero 143). Romans and the Greeks share many of the same Gods and Goddesses, or similar ones with different names. As the Romans encountered Greek religion, they began to adopt their religious beliefs. The Romans took several Greek Gods and made them part of the Roman religion such as, “Diana (Artemis), Mercury (Hermes), Neptune (Poseidon), Venus (Aphrodite), and Vulcan (Hephaestus) (Roman Gods

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1282 words - 5 pages . From God's own hand descend our joys and woes; These he decrees, and he but suffers those: All power is his, and whatsoever he wills, The will itself, omnipotent, fulfils” (The Odyssey, Book XIV, 57) When Odyssey gets imprisoned at Calypso’s island, he has no choice but to ask Zeus himself for help. Zeus sends Hermes to rescue him. Still, when sea-God Poseidon finds him sailing home, he sends a storm to destroy his ship. Nevertheless, Odyssey

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1547 words - 6 pages creation of many of the Roman gods and goddesses. Many of them were introduced by the Greeks. Many Roman gods are similar to those of the Greeks. The only thing really different was the names, for instance, Zeus became Jupiter, Hera became Juno, Ares became Mars, Artemis is Diana, Hermes is Mercury, Poseidon is Neptune, and Aphrodite is Venus. Apollo’s name, however, stayed the same. The gods were presented human forms when the Romans introduced the

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1464 words - 6 pages piece for one of the Medici brothers' cousin (Kleiner, 559). It is so amazing to look at this picture and compare the bodies of the gods and goddesses to other eras and their depictions of these deities. Their names remain the same, but as time passed, what they wore changed. In Greek depictions of Mercury (or Hermes) he would have been found wearing gold-winged sandals. Here he is pictured wearing open toed footwear that reaches to his calves

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1471 words - 6 pages does the unthinkable after Aeneas leave her country. Juno would desire before the distressed action to arrange the marriage of Aeneas and Dido. The marriage is to resolve the love interest and imperial affairs of the crown. Circe and Dido are persuaded by a godly intervention to release the men to their fate. Reiu make mentions that Circe talk about other lovers doomed to a god’s wrath. The reason behind Aeneas leaving Dido, Mercury state he is

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