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Organizational CultureUniversity of Phoenix StudentSarah BurneyMGT 331Organizational BehaviorKristen SchretzenmayerFebruary 17, 2003Organizational CultureOrganizational culture is a pattern of shared basic assumptions that organizations learned as it solved its problem of external adaptation and internal integration, that has worked well enough to be considered valid and therefore, to be taught to new members as the correct way to perceive, think, and feel in relation to those problems ( We construct and organize culture. The experiences we feel are displayed by the culture and its practice. This affects how we behave and respond in the organization we work in. In this paper I will analyze and focus on organizational culture and how it affects management.Types of CultureIn organizational culture there are different types of culture just as there are different types of personality. Researcher Jeffery Sonnenfeld identified the following four types of cultures:Academy CultureEmployees are highly skilled and tend to stay in the organization, while working their way up the ranks. The organization provides a stable environment in which employees can develop and exercise their skills. Examples are universities, hospitals, large corporations, etc.Club CultureThe most important requirements for employees in this culture are to fit into the group. Usually employees start at the bottom and stay with the organization. The organization promotes from within and highly values seniority. Examples are the military, some law firms, etc.Baseball Team CultureEmployees are "free agents" who have highly prized skills. They are in highdemand and can rather easily get jobs elsewhere. This type of culture exists infast-paced, high-risk organizations, such as investment banking, advertising,etc.Fortress CultureEmployees don't know if they'll be laid off or not. These organizations often undergo massive reorganization. There are many opportunities for those with timely, specialized skills. Examples are savings and loans, large car companies, etc. ( ControlIn an organizational culture, leadership deals with creating a clearly articulate vision and possessing the skills and the resolve to recruit and develop followers who are committed to carrying out the mission. Having the ability to see bigger pictures and maintaining a balance between high-level strategies and front-line tactics.Today's management seeks to try and change the cultures of their organization. What they therefore try and do is shape the ways that people behave, feel, contribute, interact, and perform as employees of the organization. They initiate the debates, set the imperatives and priorities. If the managers want to pursue quality improvements then meetings will be held, training will be done. New imperatives are brought into the organization to be integrated...

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