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Monica Essay

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¡§Don¡¦t Get Mad, Get Everything¡¨ Three women started a mission. A mission that came about after a friend had committed suicide. Cynthia, Brenda, Elise, and Annie had all become friends during college. But after graduation and with the promise to keep in contact, they never saw each other again. Cynthia, the women that brought them together, committed suicide. As per chapter 11, her suicide signs that we could tell were: depressed mood, substance abuse (alcohol), having a recent relationship break up (her divorce), and also low self-esteem (an issue that all the women had). The mission of getting back at their husbands came into their heads as each one discovered that all their husbands had left them for younger women. These women are in their middle adulthood (35-64), and feel rejected feel rejected not only by their husbands, but also by their own families. As the movie progresses, you can see the changes that each women makes in her struggle to redeem/survive the trials that her husband has put her through. Annie is a woman that fears confrontation, doesn¡¦t yell, agrees with everything, doesn¡¦t have a mind of her own, and tries to please everyone but herself. She is a doormat is what her daughter tells her. After her separation with her daughter, as if that is not enough stress, her daughter tells her that she is a lesbian. She is in denial about their inevitable divorce and thinks that the separation will soon come to an end. Annie knows deep down that her ongoing relationship is not liked by her daughter, but loved for her mother. IN this movie, you can see the transition that Annie has with her mother. Throughout the movie she ¡§gains a new perspective on parenthood and so reevaluate the actions taken by their own parents.¡¨ (Dacey and Travers, p410) We see this as she calls her mother for help and the mother was told at the beginning that she was too controlling. She is in denial as she it told that she is being used. Her own mother likes the idea by telling her she came to her senses. She came to her senses¡Kwas this is an implication that Annie was being irrational and foolish for allowing the separation? Annie is a stay at home mom as told by her husband. She uses her good relationship with her daughter to manipulate the father into giving her daughter a part time job (as a spy). I don¡¦t think this is healthy.ƒº She even goes to a psychiatrist who is also treating her husband. I feel this is an invasion of trust. The doctor obviously knows all of Annie¡¦s feeling and worries, but yet continues to say nothing about dating her patient¡¦s husband, until she finds them together. Annie has had enough; she is tired of being the doormat, so she decided to go after the something that is extremely precious in her husband¡¦s life,...

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